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Build Your Own Food delivery App Within 15 Days with Inteliware Tech. Its a prebuilt on-demand app designed and developed for package delivery business like parcel delivery app and service delivery app. It grows your UI/UX client base, provides your consumers with a choice of alternatives, and provides exceptional convenience.

Food delivery app

App Features

Here are some of the crucial features that many existing apps include parcel delivery app and service delivery app have proven their worth in serving users with an excellent delivery experience.

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Delivery Status Updates

It includes the delivery details and provider information and follows the provider on the way to deliver the order.

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User Feedback

You need to understand the importance of having user feedback to understand the ways your app needs to upgrade its approaches.

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Gateway for payments

Payment gateways such as top-up accounts, credit/debit cards, and money transfers can all be included in the scheme. This payment portal offers the customer a variety of payment methods, including COD, card, and wallet.

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courier service like uber rush

UI/UX architecture, research, and engineering will be included in the creation of your on demand app. The only difference will be in the technical stack and software you chose for your submission before investment.

Cryptocurrency stock

Cryptocurrency stock

A digital asset that may circulate without the intervention of a central monetary authority like a government or bank. Cryptocurrency stock, on the other hand, is produced using encryption procedures that let users too purchase, sell, or exchange them safely.

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Real-Time Tracking

It used tracking apps to take real-time order tracking. using Google Maps i.e doordash delivery app, parcel delivery app and service delivery app

package delivery app features
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Package delivery app: how does it work?

Whether you're an on demand business sending large volumes or an individual sending a single box or start up business ideas. we provide knowledge at your fingertips. Get a quick price, book your driver, schedule your delivery, and monitor it to its final destination with the confidence that it will arrive on time. A typical on-demand parcel delivery app like uber rush offers a convenient way to track your packages in real time. There exist various business models that can be applied to package tracking and delivery.

For Business

Take back control and save money with our streamlined business start up technology and start up business ideas which puts you in the driving seat. Whether using the website or app, price, book, and schedule deliveries with our on demand business service.

For Courier

We created a package delivery app (i.e parcel delivery like uber rush), so you don’t have to, no more local marketing. Package delivery App is dedicated to offering regular and flexible courier work. The platform connects you to customers in the area who have parcels to move, it treats its drivers ethically with fair rates of pay which mean you’re never worried for your service. And the fast automated payment system means you’re not waiting weeks to get paid. It’s free to register and there are no monthly costs.

Working Package delivery app

A typical on-demand parcel delivery app offers a convenient way to track your packages in real time. There exist various business models and start up ideas that can be applied to package tracking and parcel delivery.


Why use a package delivery app?

Your go-to route planning package delivery app helps you plan and operate delivery operations cost-effectively and efficiently.

Effortless package delivery app Planning

Automated order dispatches and delivery route planning to enable seamless final delivery operations at your enterprise.

Use data to adjust your schedule and delivery time.

In which you can adjust your delivery time by analyzing your busiest times and adjusting your schedule and delivery workforce accordingly. For example, if people tend to order more later in the day, especially very close to closing time, maybe it’s worth considering staying open a bit longer. Similarly, if there are holidays in which people order more than usual; adjust your schedule to get more business

Powered by Data Science and AI

App runs on powerful data science algorithms and Artificial Intelligence technology to plan and optimize package delivery app operations from end-to-end. .

Caters to Your Unique Business start up Needs

Whether you’re an e-commerce business, a provider, or a hyperlocal delivery business, Package delivery app caters to the unique demands of your business and offers customized logistics solutions.


How to launch your own on-demand delivery app for package tracking?

Regardless of the approach and business model and start up business ideas you choose, it takes time and determination, on top of solid technical expertise, to create an on-demand delivery app. To save your money and nerves in the long run, consider the following steps when building your package tracking app.

  • Choose the business model
  • Define your business requirements and goals
  • the tech investor stack to a robust app base
  • the tech investor stack to a robust app base.
  • Choose the right development team.
  • UI/UX design and tech factors to consider.
  • Determine the cost of Package delivery app development.
  • Idea off Launch, learn, and improve
Important reasons-to-start-package-delivery-app-development

Most important reasons to start package delivery app development

  • More convenient way for your clients to keep track of their packages. And, as we know, an improved customer experience helps you build brand loyalty. Customer loyalty, in its turn, means a better business and higher revenue for you.
  • Better staff flexibility and reduced cost of operations for business owners. While your couriers can use their own smartphones, there is no need for bulky devices to check packages in and out or get a signature from a recipient.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking of package Delivery. ( i.e parcel delivery app, service delivery app USA)
  • Ordering process is easy. An app is fast, easy and comfortable to use.
  • More business opportunities.
  • If you choose the approach of Parcel delivery like Uber, you won’t need to hire in-house couriers. It will be much easier and faster to find independent contractors to deliver your parcels than it would to onboard and retain your in-house staff.





  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • Delivery boy app
  • User ios app
  • User android app
  • Delivery boy ios app
  • Vendor android app
  • Driver web login
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  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • Delivery boy app
  • User ios app
  • Delivery boy ios app
  • User android app
  • Vendor android app
  • Driver web login
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