Doctor App Online - Healthcare service platform for startup
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Doctor App Online - Healthcare service platform for startup

The health issues along with their treatments are with mankind from its starting. As humanity evolves, the healthcare field also evolved and created many treatments much beneficial to mankind. Especially the emergency service and first aid treatments. With the outburst in the on-demand eCommerce industry, the next stage of medical health care is here in the form of on-demand live health online apps like phone doctor plus or my doctor online app.

The on-demand online doctor app is an online platform to visit a doctor and get treatments and prescriptions virtually through this app.

Need for Telehealth app

No matter how successful mankind has become, there was a need, there is a need, and always there will be a need for medical assistance for every person. But in today’s busy life, where time has gained an incredible value, no one can afford to visit a doctor, especially in the working days.

Traditionally, If someone is facing a health problem, he/she has to visit a doctor in the hospital. The OPDs are often crowded and the patient has to wait for their turn. Then he has to go through the forms and other formalities of the hospital. After that, the treatment started. Now, this process feels difficult by only just reading, then imagine the person who is going through these processes while suffering from health issues.

The doctor app passes by all the traditional processes for seeking medical assistance. Anyone can easily fix an appointment with any doctor regarding their health issues, at any time they want. This can save much of their time and effort. It also provides emergency service and first aid measures in accidental cases.

Why Online Doctor App?

From the reasons we have discussed above, it is clear how important a doctor consultation app is. You can say that it is a well-demanded product in the healthcare field. It has a great potential in both; generating a good profit and also serving humanity.

Capturing The Market

The doctor appointment app can generate a good amount of revenue because of its on-demand nature. Following Statista reports, the size of the healthcare market was twenty-one billion Dollars in 2016 and predictions say that it can reach up to one hundred billion dollars by the end of 2021. It is not so unpredictable because anyone can need medical assistance and bringing it to the user’s fingertips can lead such an app idea to ultimate success. For example:

Full-Time Working Persons

Those who work in the office and have to deal with a huge workload daily cannot leave the office in any situation so there is no chance for them to visit a doctor on working days even after their office hours, they are too tired to see a doctor. The online consultation app for doctors can be very helpful for such people. They just have to set up a virtual meeting with the doctor of their choice regarding their problem and they can get medical assistance along with the e-prescription anywhere on the time they scheduled the meeting. Now there is no need to estimate the number of office workers who could use the doctor appointment app.

Old-Aged & Special Persons

The doctor appointment app could be very beneficial for old-aged users and for special users (especially those who cannot walk or have a major physical disability). Such patients find it much difficult to visit a doctor physically. Because it includes travel, then waiting for your appointment in crowded OPDs, and other processes while suffering from a health issue. In such scenarios, the online doctor app can provide them with great ease to get medical assistance. There is no doubt about the popularity and success the best online doctor app will gain among such users.

On Out-Door Tours

Phone doctor plus or my doctor online app can also be very useful for those who travel a lot due to work or other reasons. As we all know that the health conditions in today’s life are not very good because of the lack of time a person could have to follow healthy habits and many people are affected by fatal diseases like heart trouble, blood pressure, or conditions like stress or depression. Such people are at a greater risk as compared to others while they travel to other cities or countries. These people can get affected at any time and in the regions outside of their hometown, telehealth app can provide them with in-time medical assistance to even save their lives. So, there is no place left for doubt in the success of the online doctor app.

Beneficial in Covid-19

The outbreak of covid-19 and the worldwide pandemic have also shown the need for the doctor consultation app. During the pandemic, when everyone was stuck in their homes, the online doctor app was no less than a blessing for those who needed medical assistance but were not able to get it because of the strict lookdown and social distancing rules.

The situations discussed above are a major few from many situations a doctor appointment app can handle. We can see the need and opportunity of developing an online consultation app for doctors and the amount of customer-based profit it will generate from a few leading doctor apps like ZocDoc, Doctor on Demand, and HealthTap. Their success results are as follows:

Company Name Downloads Funding Monetization Region of Serving
ZocDoc 500,000 $223 Million Subscriptions & Sponsored Results New York City, USA
Doctor on Demand 1,000,000+ $160 Million Simple fee charges at each virtual visit California, USA
Health Tap 1,000,000+ $88.3 Million Users can get access to any functionality Headquarter is located in Mountain View

Alongside such a great profit, the doctor consultation app can also be used to contribute your part in serving humanity. Providing medical assistance to the one in need especially in emergency cases can save someone’s life and family from any big disaster. Also, it provides opportunities to earn extra money for medical personnel.

Online Doctor App - Business Model & Working

The best online doctor app follows the basic business model of all the on-demand apps. It involves three dimensions for its full functioning. The first one engages the users or patients, your customers. The second dimension engages the service providers of your app like doctors and other medical staff. The third dimension is to administer your business. It involves the monitoring and management of the operations of your business through this app. So, this app is also divided into three major parts which are the patient’s panel, doctor’s panel, and administration panel.

User’s Panel

Through the patient’s panel, the users of your app can avail all the services you provide to them like creating an account, signing in/out, search a doctor, or setting an appointment with a doctor.

Doctor’s Panel

With the second panel, the service providers of your app can communicate with your app users. They can accept, reject a request, set availability hours, add specializations to their accounts, etc.

Administration Panel

Through the third panel, you or your administration staff can monitor your business and manage different operations like maintaining the accounts and history of the users and service providers, customer care, or push notifications, etc.

How to Get Live Health Online App

If you want to build your live health online app or online consultation app for doctors from scratch, then it will be going to cost you a big amount of money. This is because the online doctor app uses different types of technologies at the same time to carry out its operation, so, you have to hire developers from every domain to technology it will use. Also, it requires plenty of time to build such a huge app from scratch.

If you want to launch the best online doctor app, InteliWare Technologies can help you. We can deliver such an app within a reasonable time period. Also, the cost of your app will be decided by the features and moods you wish to add. If you add more features the cost will rise and vice versa. So, at InteliWare Technologies you don't even have to worry about the cost of your app too.


Saying in a word, the telehealth app is the demand of the market and the need of the hour. Because anyone can need medical assistance at any time. Also, it bypasses the traditional processes of seeking medical health and provides it at the user’s fingertips in their homes or even in the workplaces.

Launching such an app can revolutionize customer-based revenues. The apps which are currently operating in the different regions of the world are earning profits in billions. So launching such an app can never go in loss.

your business, you can use assistance from Inteliware Technologies. We have a dedicated team If you want the best online doctor app along with the promotion of expert and experienced developers who work tirelessly and have a firm grip on their respected domain. So, no need for the quality of the app. Also, we can deliver your app at a suitable time and at reasonable costs. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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