Multiple on-demand services at one place.

A super app is an app that has multiple solutions like; taxi service, medicine delivery, food delivery, package delivery, grocery delivery & freight booking in one place. That means the customers don’t have to hold the bundles of apps for day-to-day usage when one is doing the job! Super Apps are a great jargon in the recent air. Due to their flexibility and convenience for users, Super apps try to get more and more attention from people around the world. It provides a one-stop solution for almost every need of the people at their doorsteps. No matter where you are, a super app is undeniably convenient and makes life a bit simpler!

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Gender-Specific App

It allows users to select an in-app gender-specific option.

Ride Sharing

Allows the user to share rides with others like friends and family.

Auto Location

With the in-app GPS function, users can track their rides accurately. And this provides convenience to the user.

Fare Estimate

You just need to select the pickup and drop-off location, it will show you the estimated fare for the ride.

Technologies Use

App Development Process

Step 1
Analyzing your needs

Before getting started we do our homework first, analyzing clients’ needs clearly is the first step in app development process. And we do it perfectly.

Step 2
Research Market Trends

Market research is the key part of the business. By market analysis we do quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market to investigate the size of the market both in volume and in value.

Step 3
Collecting requirements

After getting your requirements. We design, prepare, and make it up gently according to the requirements.

Step 4
Creating user interface design

A good UI is important to convert potential visitors to buyers. As it facilitates the interaction between user and the app. We follow the app UI principles to provide user the best possible interaction.

Step 5
Selecting the technology of stack

We use java for android, swift for IOS, and PHP for the backend.

Step 6

Launching a product in the market is a very tricky process. For our customers, we provide the best solution to launch based on our experiences. 


Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

We thank the people at inteliwaretech for a wonderful job to help us to grow our business.They were highly professionl,helpful and hard-working.Thanks to them,we can reach our targets on schedule and we look forward to collabrating with them in future.

Sara Wilsson


Fantastic work man! I’m still fascinated with their level of operation and their job approach. I recruited them to build my taxi app and they delighted me to the maximum by providing an outstanding solution.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Very satisfied with choosing Inteliware. Communication skills are on a high level, understands needs very quickly and the pace of delivery itself was quicker than expected :)

Matt Brandon


I worked with inteliware tech to develop my super app and the experience was great. I did highly recommend them to anyone who needs to develop software.

John Larson


Inteliware professionals were quick, courteous, and very helpful. They helped me build my taxi app and an eCommerce store. I was worried that if it wouldn’t be done in time for me to start my business, but they finished the job with time to spare!




  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • delivery driver app
  • User ios app
  • User android app
  • delivery driver ios app
  • Vendor android app
  • Driver web login
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  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • delivery driver app
  • User ios app
  • User android app
  • delivery driver ios app
  • Vendor android app
  • Driver web login
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Super Apps?

    Super apps are becoming increasingly popular, and Gojek is one of the most popular. With a super app, you can provide a variety of on-demand services all in one place. Super applications like the Gojek clone app are taking over users' daily life in the east due to their adaptability. It's time for the west to catch up with the rest of the world.

  • Super apps assist with the collection of fees and commissions from transactions, as well as monetization and advertising options. There is a higher level of user retention. Users will return for the comfort of super apps because they offer much more than a solitary app.

  • Super Apps are available on all three platforms; Android, iOS, and web. You can launch on Android or iOS but a web app is generally considered necessary with them.

  • You can easily launch your Super App. Just consider the following few things:

    To gain the most market share, choose the region where you wish to launch.
    Choose a design that is proper, appropriate, and appealing.
    Define all the services you want to provide via your Super app.
    Make up your mind for a better user experience.
    Customize everything according to the target market because it will make you more appealing. For example, if you create it in your native region, You must add all languages from that region to it.
    Include elements that you believe will benefit your clients.
    Using a mobile app to expand your Super app business might help you reach a global audience.

  • The cost of your Super app depends on your business requirements. The addition of the technologies used with the resources and the number of features will raise the cost of the app and vice versa. If you want to start a super app business, we can help you in building and launching your app along with your business promotion.

  • We can give you time estimation in hours according to our procedures. Super comes with the following basic modules and the estimated time is mentioned to build.
    User app: 700 hours.
    Delivery boy app: 500 hours.
    Vendor app: 300 hours.
    Admin panel: 550 hours.
    Website: 200 hours.
    Total Hours: 2250 hours.

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