Airbnb Clone App - A Complete Business Model To Launch Your Next Successful Startup!
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Airbnb Clone App - A Complete Business Model To Launch Your Next Successful Startup!

Over the last few years, the tourism industry has seen incredible expansion. The industry has undergone rapid growth, fueled by increased technical advancements and global transportation networks. Various tourism areas, such as wildlife, entertainment, art, transportation, and others, have begun to broaden their reach to overseas visitors/tourists in many nations. Thus, an investment in this domain as a new startup could be proved much astonishing.

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, two industrial designers, founded Airbnb in 2008 in San Francisco. Because they couldn't afford the rent at the time, They decided to make up the money they needed by renting out their loft to visitors and tourists of the local shows and exhibitions who couldn't find motels to stay in. They provided air mattresses for their guests to sleep on in the apartment's living room and prepared a fresh breakfast in the morning. Since then, Airbnb has established itself as a pioneer in the peer-to-peer property rental space and has grown with innovative business ideas.

Airbnb & Airbnb Clone

Airbnb, which stands for "Air Bed and Breakfast," is an on-demand booking app that allows property owners to rent out their spaces to tourists. Travelers can rent a communal area with individual rooms, a shared space with numerous people sharing it, or the entire house for themselves.

Airbnb Clone is a technical solution for entrepreneurs who want to quickly establish their rental marketplace business ideas. It has all of the necessary elements to cover the market gap in the tourism industry and operate a marketplace where clients can effortlessly share their assets and goods and can easily rent out the available places.

Why Airbnb Clone App

When choosing between a hotel room with privacy for yourself but shared common areas and a private property where you can be alone without having to share it with anyone, 60% of American travelers prefer the second option.

When comparing the Airbnb accommodation booking app to traditional hotels, the USP (universal selling point) is with Airbnb, you can get a glimpse into the local culture of wherever you're going. Aside from that, one of the ideas of Airbnb is to engage in philanthropy on occasion and has created a brand that everyone admires. Not to mention their impressive investment of sponsorships and marketing strategies.

  • Airbnb is the fourth most downloaded place booking app in the Travel category, by SimilarWeb.
  • Airbnb now has more than 150 million active users from all over the world.
  • Airbnb services are available in 191 countries and provide over 7 million lodging options.
  • Over 2 million people stay on Airbnb every night.

The above listings clear all the doubts about the success of launching such a booking app. Because an increasing market gap can be seen due to the covid-19. Also, an investment in this startup can face a burst of revenues as people, especially extroverts have had enough of the lookdown, and since vaccines are now common, they are planning big ideas to visit different destinations. So, launching an app like an Airbnb clone in such a meantime can be a success boom in your timeline


Airbnb has created a marketplace where both hosts and tourists can exchange products and services in a secure environment. It enables people to make informed decisions about high-quality products.

Airbnb has over 150 million users and over seven million listings. Every second, an average of six renters check into an Airbnb listing. Airbnb's principal source of revenue is service fees collected from bookings from both guests and hosts. The non-refundable service fee is determined by the number of guests on the reservation. This is usually less than 14.2 percent. The lesser the service fees for guests, the more expensive your reservation is.

So, it is clear that a startup in the tourism domain is much flourishing but you cannot grow without having a digital platform or specifically an app. A booking app like Airbnb can be much profitable for you as well as for your service providers (hosts) because their rental business and places are also getting exposure through your app.

Target Audience

Whether you wish to rent out a home/personal property or a hotel room relies on the type of properties your hosts will be renting out. The target demographic for an Airbnb clone app would be:

  • Travelers looking for a simple and economical lodging option.
  • Travelers on business.
  • Traveling with your family.
  • Travelers looking for a place to stay when visiting a new city.
  • People who are seeking a way to supplement their income can host.

Hoteliers would also be your target audience if you wanted to give reservations for both hotel stays and private homes.

Airbnb for Hosts

Any reservation system can be integrated directly into Airbnb, whether it is a hotel or a vacation rental company. Many of the connectors allow managing the content on Airbnb by syncing content, prices, and availability. Plus, the Airbnb bookings will automatically appear in the company’s booking engine! Some of these services will even link the existing Airbnb listings so the company doesn’t lose its host score and status if it already uses Airbnb. Many provide free integrations; the only cost is Airbnb's commission, which ranges from 3% to 5% each booking (depending on the cancellation policy you choose).

If you're considering becoming an Airbnb host, remember that each listing requires a minimum of 30 days of availability over the next 12 months. Make that the rate type with which you've associated each listing has a price for at least 30 days. There are a few basic requirements for Airbnb hosts:

  • Provide guests with the bare minimum. Toilet paper, soap, bedding, and at least one towel and pillow per guest must be provided by the host. Anything else is up to the host to give.
  • The hosts must be adaptable. Within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry or reservation request, they must respond.
  • The host should accept all reservation inquiries as soon as possible. The sooner it starts, the better!
  • Host cancellations are taken very seriously by Airbnb. They recognize that their trip plans are contingent on accommodations, thus cancellations are frowned upon.
  • To earn a high rating, the hosts should maintain a consistent, high level of quality.

Airbnb for Customers

When launching your booking app, knowing your demography is critical. Generally, everyone who wants to travel cannot afford to stay in a hotel. Also, it is not easy to find a good one in a crowded city.

Airbnb provides an easy and frequently less expensive alternative to this problem. Typically, Airbnb guests are young, tech-savvy millennials; it is estimated that millennials account to make 60% of all guests on Airbnb.

Also, the Authentic, local properties are very appealing to vacationers. They believe that staying in Airbnb-listed lodgings will provide them with additional cultural experiences, which is one of their top priorities when traveling. Despite being a simple rental and booking app, Airbnb has become the topic of the town. This is because it concentrates on:

  • Creating a positive user experience.
  • A personal exchange of culture and creativity.
  • Personalization and making it enjoyable for users are two important factors to consider.
  • A collection of unusual places that are inaccessible to the general public.
  • Providing private and one-of-a-kind experiences.
  • Services at a reasonable price (especially if you are in large groups).

Business Model

Airbnb is based on the sharing economy model (also called the peer-to-peer economy model.) Companies that follow this strategy don't directly facilitate; instead, they get return on investment by connecting customers and sellers.

Airbnb allows those who have a spare apartment or house to rent it out and make money. Airbnb allows you to book a variety of destinations all around the world. The app is accessible as a web app and for both popular mobile platforms (iOS and Android). app.

Airbnb business model


The development of the Airbnb clone app is improving by the day. It continues to make it easier for customers to book vacation rental units with the least amount of work. You might assume that replicating the same item and turning it into new business ideas is a win-win situation for everyone. However, you need to be clear about some facts.

The booking app cloning strategy isn't as viable as it seems. But enhancing factors such as app efficiency, UI/UX, scalability, and functioning can make you stand out from your competitors in the market. You should consider the following points while buying your Airbnb clone:

  • Your custom app can be tailored to your company's business ideas and those of your customers.
  • Your app's quality, whether in terms of functionality or appearance, should not be compromised.
  • What matters most is the ease of use and scalability. To guarantee this, your app's user interface must provide a distinctive experience for your users.
  • Unique ideas and characteristics capture the interest of users more than anything else. You can introduce new features directly from your app's core.

App Structure

The Airbnb clone app follows the basic on-demand booking app structure to carry out your rental startup. It is divided into three main divisions to follow their respective procedures, which involves:

  • Guests.
  • Hosts.
  • Administration.


Travelers, families planning a vacation, or professionals on a business trip who wish to stay comfortably at a fair price are among your customers. They will use the app to book accommodations and other services. Below are a few main features that are included in this division.

- Log-in/Sign-up

Users should either log in using their pre-registered ids or establish a new account by entering information such as their name, phone number, and email address. They can also use their Google or social media accounts to log in.

- Profile

Manage personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, gender, permanent addresses, and notification settings, among other things.

- Search Filter

To find preferred lodging by filtering your travels by city, dates, room type, price range, available facilities, and so on.

- Chat

Even before you reserve your stay, send a message to the host or get in contact with them through your app.

- Notifications

Instant notifications and text messages for every kind of update and alert.

- Payments

Choose a payment method and the channel you want to use. View the payment receipt as well as the transaction's detailed history.

- Booking

View all the past and upcoming bookings.

- Wishlist

Keep the listing safe for the future.

- Rate and Review

Users can rate and evaluate the hosts to share their experiences.

- Sharing

Users can also use their social media accounts to invite friends to browse the listings or download the app.


In the event of a misunderstanding with the business operations, users can consult the FAQ sections and request customer service.


These are your employees or service providers who own a home or land and want to rent or lease it. They will use your booking app to confirm the reservation at their location. Below are a few main features that are included in this division.

- Online Account

The registration, log-in, and profile maintenance operations are almost Similar to those of guests. The host is also required to provide all the essential credentials and other data to be on your app.

- Listings

Take care of all property-related details, including amenities, pricing, house rules, cancellation policy, and images, etc.

- Request

Accept or reject the user's reservation request.

- Reservations

To see a schedule of all future bookings.

- Messaging

Providing information to guests about the property and answering any queries they may have.

- Booking History

All prior bookings and money received can be viewed here.

- Sharing

Hosts can also use their social media profiles to ask their friends to download the app.

- Rate and Review

During their stay, each guest can be evaluated and reviewed based on their actions and behavior.


The management staff or you by yourself would manage the business and oversee all of the actions of the hosts and visitors and enjoys commissions from both parties. Below are a few main features that are included in this division of the Airbnb clone.

- Dashboard

The admin dashboard allows seeing all of your members, sales data, emails, and notifications, among other things.

- Registration and Membership

This feature offers complete data management of your customers and employees.

- Listings

Monitor all listings and examine their legality as well as other verification methods.

- Booking History

Manage all previous and new reservations records.

- Feedback and Complaints

Here you can see all of the feedback from both guests and hosts. Any concerns about the hosts or visitors can be handled and appropriate actions are taken.

- Stats

Reports on all activities of the hosts/guests, total earnings, and so on. These in-depth insights can help you make better judgments in the future.

- Emails and Newsletters

To keep track of all the emails and news that have been sent out, as well as if they have been published or not.

- Customer Care

From here you can resolve all the queries and problems from the guests and hosts with an out-of-the-way approach. This is essential to make sure the smooth flow of the business processes.


InteliWare Technologies will walk you through the languages and technical aspects of producing your Airbnb clone with the help of a team of developers with a good track record of mobile app development projects to let you gain maximum from your investment. What should be prioritized is

  • Programming languages for application frameworks.
  • Hosting and storage in the cloud.
  • For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification, use the Voice and SMS API.
  • Communication & Messaging.
  • Global Payments.
  • Data Storage in SQL.

Your Airbnb clone will be majorly divided into two parts: Front end and Back end, and the technologies used to develop your clone belong to different platforms, such as Android, iOS, and web portals.

Front End

The front end will be the area of interaction for all of your app stakeholders. This part is crucial because if the front end looks good your app will even fit in a small market gap and can earn profits. It is differently developed for every platform depending upon the conditions the platform allows.


The Google organization supports the Andriod operating system, which is designed for Android phones. The following are the basic technologies that were used to create your Android app:

  1. Android Studio
  2. Firebase
  3. Java
  4. Kotlin
  5. XML


The iOS operating system is supported by Apple and is available for iPhones and Mac books. The following are some of the fundamental technologies used to create an iOS app:

    Swift Objective C

Web Portal

This front end is utilized for online viewing of the software to assist your business, as the name suggests. The following technologies are used to create a web portal:

  1. HTML 5
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. React
  5. Jquery
  6. Scripting in Java

Back End

This component of the mobile app is responsible for the overall functionality and processing of the app. This is also an important factor because all the trust gained by the front end eventually depends on the working of your booking app. The following are the fundamental technologies that were used in its creation:

  1. Laravel
  2. Php
  3. My SQL Database

InteliWare Technologies can help you build your app on all of these platforms, from front end to back end using all these technologies along with the others if required on suitable investments. For our apps, we also give customer support and revisions.

Working Model

The working of this on-demand booking app is not much complicated. It simply involves a phenomenon of making sellers and buyers interact with each other. Your customers (guests) simply look for accommodation from the places available on your app listings and your service providers (hosts) will confirm or reject the booking through your app and you will get commission on every successful booking or other business processes from both sides. A visual presentation of the Airbnb clone app’s working model is shown below.

Airbnb working model

- Guests

Your customers or guests log in to their accounts and search for their desired places. When they found one, they can simply check the availability and book it for their accommodation. The guests can pay with multiple payment methods like PayPal or debit cards, etc. integrated within your app. They can also perform check-in/out and can rate the host through the app.

- Hosts

Your service providers or hosts also need to log in to your app through their accounts. The hosts are maintained in the lists depending on various factors and the hosts can also maintain a list of facilities they can provide, on your app. The host receives the reservation request and can accept or reject it. They can also receive payments from multiple payment methods from your app and can rate guests as well.

- Admin

The administration (or owner) gets three to five percent of commission from both parties on every successful accommodation. The administration staff is in charge of every operation and is responsible to resolve all the queries. Also, they can manage and view all the ratings, reviews, and other information from the accounts of both parties and can suggest new ideas for vacations to the customers.

Airbnb Clone App Cost

You may believe that developing an Airbnb clone app is cost-effective. However, you don't want to waste too much money on ineffective functionality and aesthetics, do you? As a result, attempting to construct your clone app is going to need investment, more than your expectations.

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing it from app development companies such as InteliWare Technologies, where your vacation rental app will be developed by skilled developers and great functionality will be guaranteed. Its development is centered on the experience you provide through your specifications and business processes. Only development experts can put together a fantastic software like Airbnb, which is why you should look into InteliWare Tech's Airbnb clone app development approach.

For the successful execution of Airbnb clone app development, InteliWare Technologies guarantees you an inexpensive cost. The platforms (Android or iOS) play an important part in calculating the actual cost of developing a booking app for Android and iPhone because it influences the total hours of developers. Here's a quick look at the cost of developing an Airbnb clone app; the feature list below contains the many modules you'll need for visitors and hosts.

Other Rental App

There is no doubt about the success of business ideas like Airbnb, the market gap it covered and the market value it has gained, but still, there are some others with similar ideas of rental business apps that are also running in the tourism markets successfully. Such as

  1. HomeAway (Austin, Texas)
  2. (Dutch)
  3. Outdoorsy (Austin, Texas, US)
  4. Tripadvisor (US)
  5. Homestay (Ireland)
  6. Trivago (Germany)

These apps show that the market can be still captured by introducing some little innovations in the rental and tourism businesses to grow successfully.

Wrapping Up

It's incredible how quickly Airbnb has grown. You don't want to be one of them, do you? All you need to do now is determine ideas and if you want to serve a specific place or a bigger area, and then find the right development partner to help you build a solid basis for your Airbnb clone app.

InteliWare Technologies has come up with unique solutions based on its technological knowledge and hundreds of clients around the world. We can assist you in developing a booking app similar to Airbnb with all of the features you require. We've got it all fixed for you, whether you want to integrate a payment procedure from Paypal or discounts through Roomorama.

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