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Build your own Handyman app within 15 days with Inteliware Tech. Our apps provide you all these services at your doorstep.. It grows your UI/UX client base, provides your consumers with a choice of alternatives, and provides exceptional convenience.

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About us

Inteliware provides diverse business solutions, websites and App development services. Our international standard solutions have earned the trust of leading local and global enterprises and organizations. Our company is nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to Quality, Creativity, Experience Flexibility.

Why use your app?

  • Ease in Scheduling Appointments.
  • Create Strong Customer Relationship.
  • Time Saving Platform.
  • Get Multi-Location Access.
  • Have an Eye on All the Activities.
  • Less Administration Cost.
  • Provide Easy Job Scheduling.

How to launch your own on-demand app for package tracking?

  • Fix an ios app development model.
  • Requirements of the aggregator model.
  • Validate your ios app development idea.
  • Finalize the major features of the ios app development service .
  • Choose the right development team.
  • UI/UX design and tech factors to consider.
  • Determine the cost of an ios app development service .

Most important reasons to start an app development?

  • Accessibility from Variety of Platforms. You may gain access to nearly every type of online platform by developing your apps.
  • Targeted Audience. It's simple to get obsessed with app ideas.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness.
  • To engage with customers everywhere.

The Key Stages Of The App Development Process

Confirming On The Idea

Before planning to proceed, you need to answer the following questions to make sure that you are not marrying the wrong idea, and the idea is worth investing time and effort.

App Objective

Why do you want to build an ios app development? Is it really needed in your businesses? Is your idea appropriate or a great fit, according to your company’s/target audience needs? Do you have enough resources to promote it?

Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Who are the potential users?

Market Research

Now is the time to do the most important part of your journey. Market research shows you the real demand or interest of the market; accordingly, you can modify your idea, and the research can give you a clear list of requirements that can help you prioritize the work. Here are some more advantages to doing market research:

  • It helps you to maintain a better understanding of your customers.
  • Get a clear idea about your competitors.
  • Helps you assess your product carefully before launch.
  • Helps you define how you can reach the audience.
  • Identify the business opportunities.
  • Identify the business opportunities.
  • Get a chance to discover the feature list and demands of the users.

Build Your App’s Wireframe

Once your idea list is ready, it’s time to put a shape to your idea- Wireframes. You can consider a wireframe as a blueprint of your application. It will display the design of your app and functionality. Also, it will help you understand the look and the work of the application. Mainly app wireframe gives articulation to the theory for the team to follow. Also, it helps developers as a reference or you can say as a guide book.

Platform Choice

Now we are going to help you make the right decision among all the platforms of mobile app development phases. Three options are available in the sector of development

  • Native App: With the support of development language and tools developers can develop an application in specific platforms like Android, iOS.
  • Cross-Platform App/ Hybrid App: Single mobile application built on HTML5 and can be run on multiple platforms. They’re downloaded from all the app stores like native applications.
  • HTML5 Web App: It is actually optimized mobile websites that appear to be like a native application and run on the mobile browser. This web application is platform-independent and lags to have a superior user experience and functionality. Most useful to be built for cases where either the application is not allowed by respective app stores or end users are not expected to be motivated to download the app.

Back-End/Server Technology

Database and server-side objects become imperative for supporting functions of your mobile app by connecting to a network. Configurations and changes could be needed to support the desired mobile app functionality if you are using an existing backend platform. The server-side objects developed during this stage must be configured and tested with the other components of the ios app development service.

Our Features

We provide a wide range of App develpment features. You understand that what you present on your App and in your business is really important.


simplicity is the key to good performing applications. UI/UX design (User Interface/ User Experience) is a crucial factor that should be implemented in every application to draw the attention of audiences. Simple UI designs with simple or no login applications will catch the user’s attention.

Best performance

The best performance is decided by the loading speed of the mobile app development. Also, security plays a major role here. Most of the mobile apps are secured and have better user performance. Another important thing to note is that the mobile application is easy to access when compared to web applications.

Different modes of work

Most of the mobile apps are offline and some of the apps are online. But both will have a particular traffic base to access them. Thus, users can change the mobile app development mode based on their network. Offline mode apps are highly appreciated as the users will not worry about the bad network.


When it comes to organizing the applications, the users may have the choice to design their UI according to their wishes. The mobile app development company is having more customisation features like a web app. You can include many more features to be customized by the users.



Another main feature of mobile app development company is having Pop up notifications. Any new messages from the app or regarding the app will appear in front and the user can easily remember the new features or messages. You can’t forget to add a notification option to your application.


A mobile app development company is a wide platform for marketing your business easily. Most of the apps are generating ads which result in branding for a particular business. Mobile apps are the perfect platform to generate advertisements to target the right kind of audience towards your business.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, professional and complete application services in all design & communication fields including: app designs, ux/ui designs, wireframe designs etc.

Our Plan

Our plan is to provide high "Creativity" in our app development services, "Cooperation" with our clients, and "Commitment" to excellence, and "Customer Satisfaction".

Our Vision

Our focus on the future is to provide our creative apps in the region as well as in the world with our outstanding design solutions that would grow together the firm and our clients’ success.


You want a brand to convey the individuality of your company. you must first comprehensively understand your brand's unique personality and you have a clear sense of what makes you special and what your brand is all about.


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