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Build your own Handyman app within 15 days with Inteliware Tech. It's a prebuilt on-demand app designed and developed for quick services i.e if we need an electrician or plumber we have to find such technicians on a physical basis. But Handyman apps provide you all these services at your doorstep.. It grows your UI/UX client base, provides your consumers with a choice of alternatives, and provides exceptional convenience.

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App Features

Here are some of the crucial features in handyman app and have proven their worth in serving users with an excellent experience.

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Finding Nearby Handyman

Providing a feature to find nearby handyman and who can come almost instantly or in a few hours, should be the first and foremost feature of any handyman app.

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Ratings & Reviews

Handyman mobile app must have the option for every member to leave the ratings for respective service providers upon the job completion. Ratings & Reviews are essential features not only for the existing customers, but it's useful for the new users as well.

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Instant Booking & Scheduling

Developing a mobile app that allows users to book now, in advance or schedule it for later can save them from any inconvenience. Therefore, a handyman mobile app must have an option for the users to book the handyman for the same day or schedule it for any later date.

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Tracking Service Provider

Like any other smart mobile app like “Uber”, a handyman app must also have the option for the customers to track the service providers after they confirm the services. Tracking the handyman allows customers to know their exact location and an estimated time of their arrival.

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Schedule appointments

The users should be able to make the bookings instantly or schedule the appointments as per their convenience. Some app users may expect immediate help while some others may prefer to call the handyman at a later time or date. Offer an option to make bookings in advance and schedule it for a later date or time.

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Payment Convenience

An app for handyman must accept all the major & prevailing payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Mobile Payment. Forcing the users to pay through the payment methods they are not familiar & comfortable with, may result in fewer loyal customers and can also affect the branding of the company.

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Handyman app: how does it work?

The on-demand handyman app is the online platform that connects the customers with the professionals to do any kind of household work like plumbing, wiring, remodeling, cleaning, carpentry, etc

Admin dashboard

Admins can assign tasks, organize and manage schedules, oversee dispatches and manage multiple orders through automating repetitive tasks and creating batch processes. Manage everything through a cloud-based system, freeing you from PCs and other devices. Work from multiple locations without duplicating data and Keep a finger on the financial pulse of your business by the ability of tracking.

The User app dashboard

Make your users interested with your handyman ordering app. Smooth functions, striking appearance, fully utilizing native abilities. Ordering a handyman and other items must be as easy as consuming them. Orders can be placed within a few taps even amidst massive distractions. The success of every app depends on the ease of use and the speed of various elements. Both attributes are provided in our handyman app development.

Services panel

A service panel is provided for the user from where they set the services according to their own needs. Different services are available for example, electrical service, plumbing service, AC service, cleaning service, painting service and construction service etc.


Why use a Handyman app?

  • Ease in Scheduling Appointments.
  • Find Nearby Handyman.
  • Create Strong Customer Relationship
  • Time Saving Platform
  • Get Multi-Location Access
  • Have an Eye on All the Activities
  • Less Administration Cost
  • Provide Easy Job Scheduling

How to launch your own on-demand handyman app for package tracking?

When launching your own Handyman app or website, be sure to follow these key steps to maximize success.

  • Fix a Handyman app model.
  • Requirements of the aggregator model.
  • Validate your Handyman app development idea.
  • Finalize the major features of the Handyman app.
  • Choose the right development team.
  • UI/UX design and tech factors to consider.
  • Determine the cost of Handyman app development.
Important reasons-to-start-handyman-app-development

Most important reasons to start Handyman app development

  • Variety of Options and dashboard for all communicating parties in Handyman app.
  • Payment issues resolved, Discount /rewards, cash-back.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking of Handyman app.
  • Ordering process is easy.
  • Handyman app is fast, easy and comfortable to use.





  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Customer Website
  • Service Provider Website
  • Customer IOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Service Provider IOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
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  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Customer web Site
  • Service Provider Website
  • Customer IOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Service Provider IOS App
  • Service Provider App
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