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Taxi booking app services have grown in popularity over the last decade, providing additional opportunities and ideas for entrepreneurs to enter the taxi app sector and get their own uber script clone with a good Uber app feature list. With the growing need for sophisticated services, entrepreneurs, particularly in the uber like booking app, have a wide range of options for joining the on-demand app market. The convenience of reserving rides is one of the main reasons why people rely on these uber taxi apps so much. Let's dive into your white label taxi app features and see what they are meant for.

Uber App Features

The features list of Uber cab apps or Uber like apps is wide and can perform spectacular tasks to facilitate your customers and make them feel comfortable. Let's go through some of your uber app features or white label taxi app features.

General Uber App Features

These are the Uber app features of a uber taxi app, essential for your uber like app business processing, and can be found on other my taxi app platforms with some minor differences, depending on the business procedures. Let's check them out.

- Registration/ Login

The registration process for taxi app account creation and login/out are the basic Uber app features or uber clone features. They allow users to enter their required details in the taxi booking app and create their account on it. These features will be available for both users and drivers.

The user registration requires some small and simple user information to set up an account for further my taxi app operations. While driver registration requires a lot of personal driver information. It is essential so that you will know better who is working with you and will reduce risk factors of any unusual activity which can damage the reputation of your uber like booking app.

- Ride Specifications

These uber clone features or Uber app features are designed for riders. The riders can select destinations, pickups, car classes, along with the fare estimation. This taxi app feature eases the user and can help them have rides on a budget.

- Maps

It is a location-based feature from the uber app feature list. The Maps will be integrated into the uber script clones and their interface will be added in your uber like app so you and your drivers can find the destinations conveniently along with the navigation guidance. It will also help users to pinpoint their dropoff location.

- Auto Location

This, from the uber clone features list, automatically pics up your location, if enabled. It helps the ‘my taxi app’ users to point out their exact locations making it easy for drivers to find and also shows where your drive is. It also helps to find out available drivers.

- Ride Booking

Ride booking is the main feature of Uber script clones. It confirms the ride specifications from the user and sends a ride request to the available drivers of the area to take the ride. Your whole business revolves around this Uber app feature.

- My Taxi Fare Estimation

This is also a good feature of uber script clones to add to your white label taxi app features list. It gives a rough estimation of the fare of the ride. It helps users to make specifications of a ride that suits their budgets.

- Booking Acceptance

Booking acceptance is another important feature from uber clone features, in answer to the ride-booking. It can be only used by the drives to confirm or reject the ride request from the user. Your customers’ retention revolves around this Uber app feature.

- Ride Cancellation

This uber app feature is also important. If someone changes the decision and is not going to travel now, they must use it to cancel the ride because if not canceled, the driver will get to his location for no reason and it will cost him time and fuel for no reason.

This uber app feature is also available for drives. Those uber like booking app drivers who have confirmed the ride but are now not able to pick the rider up can cancel the ride. But rides can only be canceled before the user starts traveling in the booked uber cab.

- Online/Offline Modes

This Uber app feature is specially designed for drivers of uber taxi clone apps. It allows taxi booking app drivers to work with your uber like app business in the hours they like. When a driver wants to start the work, he will simply get online and will get offline when he’s done.

IIn some business strategies, if a driver remains idle for a certain time, he will automatically get offline with a warning notification.

- Feedback

It is one of the most important uber app features or uber clone features, for you and your uber script clone’s prosperity and growth. It allows your customers to share their experience while riding with your clone uber cab app and will identify the gaps like hygiene, driver’s behavior, app experience, or anything if it happens.

On the other side, this uber app feature also allows your ‘my taxi app’ drivers to rate and review the customers. It helps to keep the behavior of users with drives in line.

- Payments

Payment options also matter in the streamlined flow of any business. The taxi app users will prefer your uber like app if its features list also includes multiple payment options like cash, debit cards, google payments, Paypal, or user wallets, etc. So, you must include plenty of different payment options in your uber app feature list.

- Language Options

It will be a basic feature of your uber script clone. It will allow any kind of user; customer, driver, and administration staff to turn your app into their preferred language so they can use it fluently.

- Coupon Codes

This uber app feature will allow the administration to send bonus points and other promotional rewards to the users of your uber like app. It is a very useful feature of the uber like booking app for getting a wide exposure of a large audience.

- Surge Options

This uber app feature will allow you and your drivers to earn more in peak hours. For example, if a user books a clone uber cab in bad weather conditions or any unusual situation, the taxi app fare could be increased through it, according to the factor you apply. It is useful for my taxi app drivers because if he takes a user to the destination in odd conditions, then he deserves to be paid a bit more than usual.

- In-App Communication

This feature from your uber clone app features list allows the users and drivers to communicate with each other through the app. This taxi booking app feature allows chatting and calls thus, clearing any confusion the user has with the driver and vice versa.

- Push Notifications

This uber app feature can only be used by the administration. It will be used to send notifications to users and drivers regarding any information like discounts or peak factors etc. through your uber taxi clone app.

- Stats & History

This is also an important uber app feature and has different functionality for different users. As the customers of your uber cab clone app will use it to see their travel history and other related attributes like travel time and fare.

The drivers of your taxi booking app can use it to see their history of rides taken and canceled along with the statistics like weakly earning and monthly earnings.

The uber like booking app administration can use this uber app feature to see all the history and activity logs along with the accounts and details of both the users and drivers. It helps administrational staff to devise strategies for the future by reviewing the behavior of data in the past.

- Dispatcher Panel

It is the customer care and support of your uber like app. Anything unusual will be catered by the customer care team through this uber app feature. This uber like booking app functionality is important for customer retention because any problem solved quickly and efficiently, is always appreciated greatly from the customer side.

- Advanced Uber App Features

These are the uber clone features that create the difference and can grab big market share if mapped over good business strategies. Let's examine some of these taxi booking app features.

- Advanced Booking

Scheduled booking or advanced booking allows the user of your uber like app to book an uber taxi, ahead of their schedule. It means the user can schedule trips for the future through your app according to their plans. This feature is getting popular because sometimes, the availability of drivers shrinks which creates a lack of rides. Thus, to prevent this situation, users schedule rides for their important plans.

- Gender-Specific

The gender-specific uber app feature is also a good feature to add to your white label taxi app features list. It is greatly used by females, especially those who travel with families having all female members. It allows them to send ride requests to only female (gender-specific) drivers.

- Preference

This cloned uber script feature allows users to find their preferred drivers and locate their favorite locations if they are traveling out for enjoyment purposes. This uber like booking app feature is also important to get customer retention.

- Live Tracking

This uber app feature is important to pick the live locations of the drivers as well as the users. The users can see the whereabouts of the drivers while the drivers can also see where their rider is currently at.

- Heat Maps

This is also a location-based Uber app feature and is greatly used by drivers. It allows them to find out the places and areas currently saturated with the ride demands. It helps them to get more rides and earn more money.

- Ride Sharing

It is also a good feature to be added to the features list of cloned uber scripts. Through this taxi booking app feature, the rider will be able to share his ride with other users. For example, if you are going to friends gathering, then it will allow you to pick up those friends which lie in your way and will navigate the driver to their pickup location.

- User Wallets

It is the most important and most commonly used feature of the Uber taxi or Uber cab clone. It is like the digital wallet, the users charge money in it and pay fares of their uber like booking app ride through it using your app.

- Fleet Owners

This Uber app feature allows you to expand your cab business by starting a joint venture with other cab owners and car rentals. They sign in to your uber like to provide their services on it, especially those which were not available in the past.

- Service Types

The Uber clone app offers a variety of supplementary services. If you're operating your taxi booking app in the United States, for example, you can convert to cost per mile, or if you're in Europe or Asia, you can simply switch to cost per kilometer. Other options, such as defining a basic rate or billing costs on an hourly basis, are also possible.

- Emergency tap

Emergency services are also supported by the uber like app. In the event of a catastrophe or accident, the user simply needs to hit the emergency call icon on your uber like booking app, and an emergency response team will be dispatched to his current location right away. You must consider it in your uber app features.

- Refer to Earn

Uber like apps also refers to generating money for its users as a way to build your business. If a user promotes another user to the app and that person downloads it, both users will receive additional money or perks.

- Uber App Features - Unique Add Ons

These white label taxi app features will allow you to take the lead in the competition and shine more brightly to attract more users. Let's take a look.

- Nearby Useful places

This feature of your uber like app will allow its users to find nearby locations of their interests from where the vehicle is passing. For example, if someone is fond of buying books, then enabling this feature, will allow him/her to see all the nearby bookstores on the map, throughout the way.

- Driver’s Assistance

This Uber app feature is, particularly for drivers. It allows them to stay aware of the current situations like if there will be an event going to happen in the future, it will notify the driver of your uber like booking app about it so he can get more rides from there. It also helps drivers by notifying them about the conditions of the routes and their alternatives.

- Expand your Business

This Uber app feature allows you to expand your business by enabling you to add more cities or even a country in your operating area. It will also show the other cab operating companies on the map.

- Customizable terms & Conditions

This uber app feature will allow you to change your terms and conditions according to the current situations and your business strategies and will notify all of your users and service providers.

Market Insights

There is always and always will be a need for a cab to commute. According to a source, Uber cab service alone had a gross booking of 19 billion dollars in 2016, which was almost 57 billion dollars during the last year, more than double. Following is the graph, showing Uber taxi service revenues.


Uber’s revenue was almost more than 6 billion dollars, by the end of 2017 and it reached up to almost 12.5 billion dollars by the third quarter of 2021

No doubt that Uber has conquered the market and has gained incredible popularity but still the markets possess gaps for Uber like apps. The apps such as Lyft, Didi, or Ola are also Uber like apps and have Uber app features or other uber clone features list, and managed to get a good recognition among a wide number of users. So, launching an Uber like app with a cloned uber script and a good features list can lead you to success, depending upon your business strategies.4

Also, there's a secret business opportunity wherever there's a lot of customer demand! People will never want to return to traditional taxi booking techniques after experiencing the sophistication of booking rides effortlessly using applications. The cab company owners, cab drivers, and other people who want to earn extra money can avail this opportunity easily. Because it is a fantastic opportunity for them that should not be overlooked.

Target Audience & Areas

When starting your uber like app business or any other, studying and critically analyzing your target audience is very important. Because it reveals some hidden behaviors of markets and users under different circumstances, providing the necessary information while structuring your business strategies. In the case of Uber taxi app clone, your target audience and area could be:

  • Regular commuters (especially females and old-aged people).
  • Those who use cabs under situations like in rainy seasons or during exams.
  • New Visitors.
  • Vacationers.
  • Taxi Drivers for your uber cab clone.
  • Car Rentals.
  • Areas far from transportation terminals.
  • Commercial areas and areas a bit far from them.
  • Corporate area.
  • Hospitals
  • Eventual area (like Funland, lounges, etc.).

But Always remember; A good and wide uber app feature list means more potential customers and their loyalty.


An Uber cab clone app can help your company by handling the majority of activities. It helps consumers by dispatching a cab to their exact location, saving time and effort. Uber scripts clones can also automate ride distribution to consumers, as well as give a comprehensive taxi booking app features list, and handle payment transactions between the driver and the rider effectively. Let's see some of the key benefits of white label taxi app features.

The Survivalist

If we talk about starting an Uber like app business, it's one of the survivalists. For example, if we only talk about Uber cab service during the last year, it had faced a decrease of 21 percent in its revenue, during the Covid-19 but still, the figure was almost more than 11.1 billion dollars by the of 2020. It also faced a decrease in the number of users in 2020 due to a lookdown but still, almost 93 million people have used its app by the end of 2020. In the conditions of strict lookdown, the Uber cab drivers still managed to complete 4.98 billion trips in 2020, although the number was a bit higher when all the cooperate and other fields of the world were open.

The reason to mention these stats is to show that where many businesses were doomed, the uber and other uber clone apps survived. The basic advantage for Uber taxi app or other Uber clone apps is that they will never be going to get out of the game. Means no chance to become obsolete until the cabs are on the road and people are traveling. So, buying a clone of the Uber script with a good features list and launching it as an Uber taxi clone could be a break for your startup.

Get More Customers

With an uber taxi clone for your company, you may reach a broader audience in less time. The uber like booking app will serve as an advertising medium, and the app's appealing user interface will entice more users to download it. You can turn them into devoted customers by offering timely and high-quality service.

Increased Profit

When the number of clients increases, the revenue increases as well. To keep your consumers, make sure you provide them deals regularly. Another advantage of the uber cab clone is that it will be able to generate cash in a variety of ways, including commissions, promotion, memberships, and more. Also, you can promote a good Uber app feature list to attract more customers.


Your clientele will also be safe as they travel from one location to the other. Some of the white label taxi app features would reassure consumers about their safety. In the event of an emergency, they can press the emergency button to call the support crew. They'll be able to hide their phone numbers from drivers thanks to the call masking feature. Many cab businesses consider this vital to add safety options in their cloned Uber app feature list.


Customers will be able to book rides in a matter of minutes and travel in comfort thanks to your taxi booking app. Another significant advantage is that the rides will be extremely cost-effective, and clients will be able to use them frequently. They can also select a ride that is both comfortable and convenient in your ‘my taxi app’. Customers will be given information such as the car model, color, and registration number to make it easier for them to locate the ride.

Wrapping Up

A chance to stand out in the worldwide taxi app market is right in front of your eyes. Taking advantage of this chance can greatly assist you in your development. You can begin the process of choosing the best uber like booking app development agency for designing your powerful taxi app right away.

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