Dominating Mobile App Development Trends 2022 Take Over!
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Dominating Mobile App Development Trends 2022 Take Over!

Modern customers have not returned to traditional norms with the introduction of smartphones. Every year, mobile app development technologies produce dozens of innovations in different mobile phone relevant domains.

This is why the mobile app development market is exploding, and firms are investing a significant amount of money in application development.

Because of the utilities and opportunities that mobile apps provide, every company strives to follow app trends. They want to be present on the smartphone of their target clients via an app or website. To get the most favorable results out of their apps, they should follow the latest and newest mobile app development trends. .

App Trends 2022

Since the smartphone industries are growing swiftly, so as the mobile app trends, the behavior of trends in the development and features of the mobile apps changes from time to time following the latest technologies. This blog will look at different mobile app development trends that will be expected to rule in 2022 and help brands and users simplify their lives more.

Mobile Commerce

This is the most rising theme from all app trends. Mobile commerce, often known as M-commerce, is the use of wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets to perform online commercial activities such as product purchase and sale, demand services, and bill payment. The use of mobile commerce is on the rise.

The unique scenario produced by the Covid-19 outbreak resulted in record online sales. In a similar situation, retail stores saw a significant drop in revenues because most of them were not prepared to launch their companies online right away. As a result, an increasing number of companies are investing in M-commerce and mobile app development to allow their customers to place orders online using their mobile devices.

Business owners and brands are incorporating capabilities such as one-click ordering, omnichannel retail, and voice search into their mobile applications and eCommerce platforms. It enables businesses to provide a superb online experience that is both quick and painless. If you want to integrate M-commerce into your existing venture or create a new business app, you should reach out to a mobile app development company like InteliWare Technologies, which is familiar with the app trends of 2022. M-commerce is majorly divided into two types of ventures; Online purchasing of products, and on-demand services. Although they can be combined.

Online Products

This field of M-commerce deals with the online sales and purchase of physical products and goods like food, groceries, or cosmetic products, etc. Apps like Food Panda, or Walmart Grocery stores are available on app stores or apple stores.

These apps are a great step towards the successful growth of your venture. For example, if you are running a grocery store or a restaurant, deploying an M-commerce or mobile app will expose your business to more people and can be a boost to sales leading towards huge profits.

On-Demand Services

This domain majorly deals with online services like cab booking, handyman professionals, or on-demand medical assistance, etc. The apps such as Uber, WeFixit, or ZocDoc are developed for such purposes respectively and are published on both of the app stores.

These apps are also a great deal in earning large revenues by providing services of daily needs. You can see by yourself that those organizations whose customers have access to them via an app or other M-commerce channel are flourishing rapidly while other ventures which are not on any online platform yet, are shrinking day by day. This is because the exposure of technology and the ease it provides in business processes have turned the customer flow towards itself.

Folding Screens

Another app development trend that will alter the mobile tech business in 2021 and beyond is folding screens. Smartphones with foldable displays, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, are currently available. As a result, mobile app development must keep up with the trend of creating apps that perform well on foldable displays, which will be a big trend in 2022.

When you use the folding screen app development functionality, the app UI changes instantly every time the user folds or opens the device. As more and more mobile businesses work on foldable devices, optimizing mobile apps for folding screens will help brands dominate the market. .

Mobile Wallets

If you've heard of PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, you're already aware of how popular digital wallets have become in the digital age. Modern customers are increasingly turning to digital wallets as a safe and simple way to make online purchases.

Users can quickly link their bank accounts and cards to their mobile wallets to undertake several financial operations, such as utility bill payments, online transfers, and online shopping, among others. As a result, brands and businesses are putting more emphasis than ever before on integrating mobile wallet functionality into their apps. Mobile wallets, according to industry analysts, will eventually overtake traditional payment systems.


In mobile app development, biometric authentication and face recognition refers to authenticating mobile users using their fingerprints or facial recognition technology. The security of mobile apps has been redefined as a result of these app development trends.

Face recognition and biometric technology are used by online payment solutions like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay to identify users and provide them with next-level protection and security.

Users are less likely to enter personal or financial information and instead use fingerprints or faces to log into applications or accounts as a result of this innovation in app development. Considering this trend while designing an app allows you to provide an extra layer of security to your consumers.


The mobile app development market is continually updating its app trends as mobile technology evolves. You won't be able to design apps that stand out if you use old-school app development trends and practices to develop apps for your clients. Thus, you should keep up with the current app development trends to create apps that bring value to your consumers' lives.

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