A complete Guide to Uber Like App Development Price & Cost Estimation
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A complete Guide to Uber Like App Development Price & Cost Estimation

Managing a taxi business is not a walk in the park. Maintaining operations like daily payments, ride bookings, managing the total number of drivers along with their vehicles and customer feedback on the daily basis requires too much effort.

Why On-demand Uber Clone App

The evolution of advancement in the fields of information technology has led businesses towards new means to conduct them and mobile applications are the most common among them. Surprisingly, mobile apps for any business increase revenue generation, sales, customer base and loyalty, brand popularity, and multiple growth opportunities. Moreover, covid-19 has also rolled the dice of the markets. Those who adopted mobile applications survived under strict lookdowns.

As we are talking about the taxi business, we all know that it is a hectic process to go to the taxi stand or wait for one while standing along the road. It consumes a lot of time and if the summer season is on, it adds more difficulties in the situation. Also, the lookdowns showed another reason for the keen need for on-demand uber like apps. These apps are now the need of society and are getting popular day by day. Even uber clone apps are for sale in many software companies with basic functionality and features.

Your Problem

Now you are thinking that everything is computerized these days so why not the taxi business? But how come you can create such a platform without a technical team and if you hire one, they have to build an uber like app from scratch and it will cost you a tremendous amount of money and time.

Uber Like App as Solution

Luckily, InteliWare Technologies got your back! Here we can develop an Uber clone app for you within a reasonable amount of resources. We here have an expert team of developers that will go through the uber like app development process and a whole new platform for your taxi business is ready according to your wishes!

What is an Uber Like App?

Uber like app or uber like app is a digital on-demand platform that provides online bookings for rides with complete ease and convenience.

How to make Uber Clone?

The uber like app development from scratch is not a cakewalk. It requires a sufficient amount of resources, especially time. Also uber clone cost is not just a thing you can estimate easily. But at InteliWare Technologies we have a ready to use uber clone source code. You just have to provide us all your desired requirements and the rest is upto us. We will develop the app according to your requirements and will deliver it to you within a couple of weeks and here we can give you the estimation of uber clone costs at the very beginning.

Uber like App Features

Uber like app development means the birth of a wide range of features. The main working of uber like app is divided into three major parts which are

  1. User app panel.
  2. Driver app panel.
  3. Administration app panel.

User’s App Panel

This is the interface used by those who avail will your services. The user will select different services from this window like booking rides, fare estimation or giving ratings, etc. The main features of user panel are as follows:

User Booking

This feature is the basic reason for your uber like app development. From this feature of the uber clone app, the user will book the ride or service according to his needs.

At your Service

The uber like app provides a 24/7 service to its customers. It means you can book its service at any time you want.

Cancellation of Ride

This feature of the uber app allows app users to cancel a booked ride if they cancelled their plan to travel.

Advance Booking

If you are planning a future trip then let the uber app take care of the transportations. You just have to schedule a ride on this app and transportation is done.

Auto Location

From this feature, the app will automatically pick the location of the user who is booking any service if he allows it. This feature saves time for the user and the pointless effort of the driver when the locations are not accurately entered.

Driver Tracking

Our uber like app also provides live tracking of the driver who you booked. It shows you the exact location of your driver and time he will take to reach your location.

Driver Details

Making your customer feel safe is one of the main keys to retaining the retention of a customer. By providing customer details to the user he/she can know about who they are traveling with. Moreover, this feature also has a positive impact if a driver behaves well. The user will tend to book the same driver next time.

Share Ride Details

The uber clone app users can share the details of the driver for other users which creates trust between drivers and users and will be able to attain user retention.

Share Ride

Our Uber clone app also provides a facility to share your ride with others. For example, if two persons have to travel to the same destination or area by using the same route so instead of booking separate rides, they can share one. This will reduce individual costs and save time.

Multiple Drop-Off Points

Suppose you have to stop at a couple of shops before heading home so you can set multiple drop-off points before your destination. This will provide greater ease as compared to booking multiple taxis or instructing one to take the stops.

Fare Estimation

This feature provides a rough estimation of the fare of your trip. This feature is more useful in advance bookings.

Payment Methods

This app supports on-time payment through cash as well as through credit card payment. It also provides wallet service for cash returns and backup payments.

Emergency Call

The uber like app also supports Emergency services. In case of any mishap or accident, you just have to click the emergency call button and it will immediately dispatch an emergency response team to your current location.

Language Options

As our customers belong to different regions of the world, our uber app also provides a wide number of languages so that they can operate the app conveniently.

Refer to Earn

To expand your business, uber like apps also refer to earning money for its user. If a user refers to some other person and he/she downloads the app then both of the users will achieve some bonus amounts in their wallets or some bonus services.

Coupon code

This app will also provide the facility to excite its users like different offers or coupon code bonuses set by the administrator.

Customer Feedback

This app also supports and values the customer’s feedback. The drivers and users can rate each other and users can also leave comments about their experience. This will help to improve your business as well as the working of the app too.

Driver’s App Panel

This interface is used by the drivers who are hired by you. From this window, the drivers will respond to different services selected by the user. The main features of the driver’s panel are as follows:

Booking Acceptance

Through this feature, the driver will be able to select or reject the request to book the ride from the user.

Ringtone on Booking

When a user books a ride or service, the relative driver will get a ringtone with a notification popped up on his screen for booking confirmation.

Navigation control

The uber clone also provides complete access and control to the drivers over the navigation system for the guidance of the unknown destinations and routes.

Cancellation of Ride

This feature of the uber app allows drivers to cancel a booked ride just in case something went wrong.

Online/Offline Modes

This feature will allow the user to work at any hours of the day they want. During the online time, the driver will receive the booking requests from the users and on the other hand, during the offline time, they will not get any booking requests.

Surge Options

The uber clone app also provides the surge option commonly known as the peak factor option. In difficult situations like bad weather where drivers have to put extra effort to complete the trip, this option gets activated by the administration so that those extra efforts of drivers do not go useless.

Earning Reports

The drivers can review their states on this feature. The uber clone app maintains a weekly record of every driver so that he can see how things were going during the week.

Overall Payout Summary

The uber like app also maintains a throughout the history of every driver. By this feature, the driver and the administration can see where the driver is standing.

Language Option

As our customers belong to different regions of the world, they will hire drivers from their region, so our uber app also provides a wide number of languages for drivers as well so that they can operate the app conveniently.

Customer Review

The uber clone app also maintains a history log of users. These are maintained by the driver’s ratings and reviews about the customers. So, in case of any unpleasant event, the administration has an idea about both, the driver and the user.

Administration’s Panel

This interface is used by the administrators of the uber clone app. From this window, the administrator will monitor users and drivers and will resolve their issues. The main features of the Administration’s panel are as follows:

Dispatcher Panel

This panel supports the customer care team where they have to take quick action like booking, canceling, or live tracking in case of any unusual scenario.


These are the end-users of the uber like app which avails all the services.


Providers are those who provide the services like drivers etc.

Heat Map

This feature of the app indicates the region where this app is utilized the most as compared to the other regions.

Fleet Owners

The uber clone app allows you to grow your business by providing an opportunity to start a joint venture with other taxi or car rental companies where you can hire drivers from them.


This option is for the accounts manager where he can see the details and history of the driver accounts, the company’s commissions and revenues, and the uber clone app users’ accounts.


The Feedback and review feature at the administration's panel of this app allows the administrator to review the ratings and comments of the app users and drivers.

Service Types

Uber clone app provides several optional services. For example, if you are operating in the United States you can convert to the cost per mile option or if you are operating in Europe or Asian Country you can simply convert to cost per kilometer. Meanwhile, other services are also available like setting base fare or charging costs on an hourly basis, etc.

Promo Codes

In an uber like app the administrator can create different offers and promo codes to facilitate users for the promotion of your business.

Surge Options

This Feature of the uber clone app allows the administrator to apply the Surge prices (peak factors) on the areas where needed.

Push Notification

This feature of uber like app allows the administrator to send notifications to both the app users and the drivers.

How Much will the Uber Clone App Cost?

Uber clone app prices have no defined boundaries. It is all up to you. The cost of an uber like app varies with the number of features. Adding more features will increase your app’s price and vice versa. This is because each feature is developed on its unique functionality and technology.

Here at inteliware, we have an expert and experienced team of developers who will create uber app code for the uber like app development. Each person has his own particular set of skills in his domain. For example, if you want an uber clone android app or uber clone iOS app then the relevant persons will be engaged by our developers team. They will work on your requirements to make them real for your business growth. They will work for many hours and use multiple resources with different types of technologies which eventually decides the actual cost of that feature. Below is a basic estimation of app cost.

pricing table

Why InteliWare Technologies

As a reliable uber clone app development company, we have developed and delivered many uber clone apps with different features along with other on-demand business development apps. Your trust and satisfaction along with your business growth are all that is important to us. Here are some factors why you should choose us.


At IntelliWare Technologies, your trust means everything to us. If you want an uber clone app, the source code is already available. We just have to mold it according to your business requirement. So, you can easily rely on us and we will deliver you your uber like app in no time.

The Uber clone app carries some features and they differ from person to person who provides taxi services. So, the features you like will be added to your uber like app and they will decide the uber like app price. Thus you can see what you are buying which means no hidden charges.

Customer Support

After the completion of the uber like app development process, we deploy your app in your business, if you find anything wrong or any issue appears to happen, you can come straight away to us. Our customer support will review and resolve any problem that occurs in the app.


The doors of InteliWare Technologies are always open to its customers. It means if you want to grow your business further and want your app to support more features, then you can come to us at any time and we will add your desires and ideas in your uber clone app.

One Free Feature!

If you let us develop an uber clone app for you then we also have a gift for you. We will add a small feature in your app for absolutely free to support your business. So there’s a win-win situation for everyone here.

Wrapping up

In short, an on-demand uber clone app is the need of the hour. Without such digital platforms, such businesses could not survive for long which involves customer effort. In this speedy era, no one has time to go through any hectic process to book a ride. On the other hand, those who provide ease captureCoupon the market. The uber like app provides a greater ease to book a ride with a vast range of features and services. These features include booking rides with different services, fare estimation and customer support etc. which not only attracts customers but also provides an ease of travel to your customer.

If you want to grow and promote your taxi business, we can help you. We at InteliWare Technologies not only have a ready-to-use uber clone app code but also we will convert it according to your business needs and plans at a suitable cost within a suitable time. We will also create a free feature as you like as a gesture of gratitude from us. To get avail of our services please visit our website at https://www.inteliwaretech.com/ or contact us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Inteliwaretech . You can also contact us on LinkedIn via https://www.linkedin.com/company/inteli-ware-tech/ . Give us a chance to grow your business and we will not let you down.

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