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Best Handyman App development Clone To Start Your business.

On-demand handyman app

The on-demand handyman app clone service needs an Uber like website/app and experienced professionals to back your Handyman app for business. There are a lot of professionals out there who are not able to find their potential customers. If you can build an Uber for handyman app clone that can connect the professionals with potential customers, then it’ll be a huge success. In this post, I’m going to show you the 5 best on-demand handyman app clone in 2021 that you can make use of and if you are an entrepreneur reading this, there’s a bonus for you too.

How on-demand handyman app clone App Works?

The on-demand handyman app clone is the online platform that connects the customers with the professionals to do any kind of household work like plumbing, wiring, remodeling, cleaning, carpentry, etc. [Basically every household repairs and services]. There are numerous best handyman app development service apps available in the market. The working system of the handyman app clone is the same as Uber hence it is also called as Uber for handyman app clone. The basic workflow of the handyman app clone listed below,

  • The customer logs in to the best handyman app development by providing the necessary information.
  • He/She prompted by the app to add their exact location.
  • Then the customer selects the type of service needed, the date and time of service.
  • The app displays accurate fare before booking the service.
  • If a customer is satisfied with the pricing he/she can proceed further by completing the process.
  • The professional will show up at the specified time at their location.

5 Best Handyman Apps of 2021

This is getting interesting: There are quite a few on-demand handyman app clone available in the market for handyman services. We’re going to see the best handyman app clone of 2021, which you can use to book your services conveniently.


Taskrabbit is the American on-demand handyman app clone that allows customers to book house care services like cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, etc, and also order groceries. Currently, they are providing services in 47 cities of the US, 4 cities of the UK, and a city from Canada.


Handy is also an American based company located in New York. They also offer services such as cleaning, electrical, moving, maid service, plumbing, etc. They too offer their services in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Urban Company

Urban Company from India is also one of the best home service providers offering services such as AC repair, home salon, cleaning, electrical service, plumbing, painting, etc. They also offer disinfection services during this COVID19 pandemic situation. They are currently operating in 18 cities of India and 4 cities internationally [Dubai, Abudhabi, Sydney, and Singapore].


Thumbtack is a California based privately held on-demand handyman app cloneservices company. They provide almost 1000 different services to choose from. The Thumbtack provides services such as home tutor, makeup professional, dog trainer, florist, cleaners, and many more. You can check the reviews and ratings before choosing the professional.


Porch is one of the best handyman app development services companies out there. They provide almost all kinds of home services from application installation, furniture assembly, electrical works to HVAC system installation, moving, security installations, etc. They also provide home services for some big brands like Walmart, eBay, Bing, etc

Development of On-demand handyman app clone

If you are about to build a handyman app, then you need to figure out answers to the following questions,

  • What are all the features that should be there to build an MVP?
  • What can be the best technology that can be used?
  • What is the cost of best handyman app development?

Features of On-demand handyman app clone

The three main users of the on-demand handyman app clone are the professionals who want to connect with the customers, the admin/platform owner, and the customer. So you have to build three different solutions with personalized features and functionalities for them like,

  • Admin panel
  • Professional/handyman app clone
  • Customer App

Let’s discuss the three in detail with their unique set of features and functionalities,

Admin panel

It’s the master panel that controls all the main functionalities of the on-demand Uber for best handyman app development. Admin panel contains some unique set of features like,

Bookings management

The admin can track the current and past booking details along with the professional’s details and User’s details. They are also able to see the fare amount for the recent and past services via bookings management feature.

Manage customers and professionals

This feature enables the admin to add, remove, or even warn the professionals who have bad reputations among the customers. Also they can ban or unban the customers from the platform.

Site management

The admin has complete access over the platform, they can change the website’s logo, content, and some technical elements like URL, meta description, etc.

Cancellation details

This feature in the handyman admin panel allows the admin to view the canceled bookings and the reason for cancellation.

Manage notifications

Admin can send the push notifications to both customers and the professionals regarding any important announcements, Festive wishes, offers, etc.

Best Handyman App Development

Professionals who need to connect with the customers have separate applications to manage the process. They can use the application to share the service they provide and accept bookings directly from the customers. Some of the features that tailored to match the needs of the professionals are,

Add/Edit personal information

At first, the professionals should register themselves on the platform by providing their mobile number. By using Twilio verification, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number to avoid suspicious activities. Then they can be able to add, change or remove their personal details.

Payout method

The professionals are able to receive the payments for their service via card or even through online payment integrations.

Service Requests

This feature allows the handymen to accept or reject the service requests from the customers. If they cancel the request, they need to mention the reason for cancellation by either using the list of options given or they can type manually.

Earning reports

The professionals can view the earning reports directly from the application. They are able to filter the results by weekly, monthly, or yearly earning reports.

Customer application

The applications of customer have several features to enhance the user experience. They can go through the service listed and book the service needed in a quick time. Let’s discuss some features of customer application,

One-click signup

This feature enables the user to log in to the application hassle-free. Just by entering the mobile number and the OTP they can easily log in to the application.

Multiple service list

The customer can scroll through the list of services available in best handyman app development and book the needed service quickly.

Fare estimation

The service fare can be calculated prior to the service booking, this allows the customer to know the exact fare for the service they opted.

Payment Options

The customer can pay for the service via cards, in-app wallets, or the best in class payment gateways. In-app wallets can also be recharged via cards.

Cost of developing Uber for handyman app

The development cost of any application like best handyman app development depends on the features and functionality you choose to be in your application. Factors influencing the cost of development are,

  • Features and Functionality
  • Application platforms
  • Additional integrations
  • Design
  • Testing, etc

To develop a full fledged application it may take up to 600 – 1200 hours depending on the complexity of the application. [Since the features and workflow of Uber for best handyman app development is the same as the on-demand Uber like app] According to codementor, the total time required to develop an MVP of an on-demand Uber like app will be around 308 – 382 hours. Then, the total cost to develop a minimum viable product will be around 30000$. 30000$, i know that’s huge for a startup to invest in. But there’s another way to start your dream Handyman app for business which is buying a readymade script. The ready-made on-demand Script too has every required feature to build a minimum viable product. They cost roughly around 1500 to 3500$ and if you need some additional features you can customize it too. There are a lot of pre-built applications available in the market. Choose the best handyman app development for Handyman app for business that matches your Handyman app for business profile and customize it based on your preferences. The benefit is that both the iOS and Android applications are built from a single codebase, which in turn reduces the cost and time of development.


Buying a pre-made script and customizing it to suit the needs of your Handyman app for business is more cost effective than building an app from scratch.

Faster time to market

we helps you to launch your Handyman app for business globally through this best handyman app development as fast as possible by its built-in features. We deliver our product at the highest quality to launch faster into the market.

Tech support

We offer end to end technical support to rectify the problems faced by our customers.


We integrate Stripe 3D secure and Stripe connect onboarding to enhance the security of our platform in the best handyman app development


So, we’ve discussed how to build your own on-demand best handyman app development for business. I know it’s not so easy to build the best application but we have to do whatever it takes to build one.

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