How to Kick Start Your Online Taxi Business With a White Label Uber Clone
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Travel and transportation are ventures that have been with mankind since the beginning and it seems that they are never going to become obsolete. Because no matter how much technology has evolved, one still needs to travel to reach his destination. So, if you operate a cab company, or are an entrepreneur considering launching a new business, an Uber clone app for taxi business might be the ideal option. Let's jump in and find out what is white label uber clone app is and how it is going to suit you.

White Label Uber App

Garrett Camp, a computer programmer and co-founder of StumbleUpon, and Travis Kalanick created Uber as Ubercab in 2009. Uber is a San Francisco-based mobility-as-a-service company that operates in more than 900 cities across the world. Ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental through a collaboration with Lime, and ferry transportation through cooperation with local operators are among its offerings. Uber does not own any vehicles and instead earns a 25% commission on each booking.

A white label software product is sold to a reseller without being branded. Later, the reseller or consumer might rebrand the product and utilize it or sell it to other businesses.

A white Label Uber Clone script or app is a white label taxi sharing app that is manufactured without any name. The entrepreneurs who want to start their on demand white label taxi app, buy it and launch it under their brand name in the market.

Inteliware's white label Uber Clone script makes this idea more beneficial with some special attractive features like,

Fleet Owners

This panel is for taxi companies where they can add multiple drivers to their taxi app solution.


The Dispatcher panel is for the customer support team to take real-time actions like; booking and canceling the rides for drivers and users and tracking the real-time locations requested by the user through your taxi app solutions.

Account Panel

The Account manager can view the system records, like; the ride history of users and drivers & transactions details, etc. within your Uber app clone.

Heat Maps

Heat maps indicate the current active driver and user requests in an area. It also shows the areas with a larger number of requests on the map embedded in your Uber clone script.

Surge Option

This option allows the admin to surge prices high based on shown heatmaps and stats in the Uber white label app.

Why White Label Uber Clone

Many factors clear the doubts about “Why”. Because these on-demand apps like white label ride sharing app, handyman app, or Gojek clone app, have demand in the market and bring many opportunities for many people. Let's see how:


Uber app clone has a huge demand and is becoming a need of time. For example, as we have discussed earlier, the ride-hailing industry will never be obsolete… at least not for many of the decades. Also, the alpha cities like New York, London, or Karachi, face two major problems in transportation. These are busy traffic and lack of parking accommodation. People who live or have relocated to such populated cities for work are less likely to purchase cars and instead rely on taxi booking apps, especially females. Because these apps not only provide their customers a secure and less hectic way to commute but also liberate them from taking care of the personal vehicle and its maintenance.

The other factor is time, the most important and valuable currency of today’s life. A taxi app solution saves time because it bypasses all the traditional norms of booking a taxi, through digital means. Your customers can have a cab on their doors in just a few clicks. Also, the person who booked the ride can carry out important tasks like preparing a presentation, if he is going to the office, or can revise all the stuff while heading towards the examination center because they don't need to keep their eyes on the road traffic.

Another reason why the Uber clone app for taxi business is flourishing is that owning a vehicle for personal use is not easy now. The main reason is its maintenance and if it gets crashed, it will be very difficult to repair it and will cost a tremendous amount of money. So, even those who own a personal vehicle find it easy to commute through such taxi app solutions.

Many other factors indicate the demand for a white label Uber clone script. If you are thinking of launching an Uber clone app as a startup then do it without any delay.

And Now the new Innovation to this idea is that white label ride hailing apps are now adding multiple on demand services in their models to make a strong reason for users to come on these apps e,g; Multipurpose Gojek clone. Because it brings the ultimate convenience to users by providing the most demanding on-demand services on one screen, this idea is getting the spotlight these days.


The opportunity bag is also big in launching an Uber white label app. For example, if we talk only about Uber, it had alone generated a revenue of almost 2.28 billion dollars at the end of 2017 which has increased up to almost 4.84 billion dollars, at the third quarter of 2021, according to the source. These huge figures show how nourishing a white label taxi app startup can be and how it can give you recognition in the market.

Launching a white label ride sharing app not only generates profits for you but will also create a pool of opportunities for taxi drivers, vehicle rentals, and other people who want to drive part-time to make extra money. This is because all the fares, after excluding your commission, will be delivered to the driver's account (while in cash payments, the driver will pay you the decided commission and the rest is his profit).

White label uber clone script also provides you a chance for rapid expansion for many joint ventures. For example, if you own a cab booking company and have launched its app, then you can easily expand to other regions just by letting other cab companies operate through your Uber app clone. This means they will give you a set commission and you can enjoy a customer-based revenue along with brand recognition from outside your region. Similarly, many other relevant companies can be integrated into your business process through the uber clone script.

If you want to launch an Uber clone app for taxi business, let us provide you with the complete proposal to launch your own uber like app.

White Label Uber App Working

Any taxi app solution’s business model typically comprises three segments: drivers, riders, and owners. We'll look at how each of these parts interacts with one another in the sections below.


Customers can use the taxi app solutions to get a ride to their place. They can choose their pick-up and drop-off locations as well as the type of transport they want to take. They can also check how many drivers are nearby. The customer is shown several aspects of their rides, such as the vehicle’s location, predicted fare and time, car and driver details, and so on.

Furthermore, the white label taxi app will notify the customers when they are close to arriving at their location. They can use it to keep track of their destination as well. The customers can pay using multiple ways like cash or debit card or customer wallet integrated within white label uber clone script.


Your white label ride sharing app, on their smartphone, notifies drivers of fresh ride requests, and they respond accordingly. They will receive trip specifics, including the pick-up location, time, and destination, as well as the routes to take, once they accept. When they arrive at the pickup location, the driver will ask for payment to check that the customer's account is current and legitimate before allowing them to enter their vehicle.

Uber clone also allows drivers to receive demand and pricing updates during periods of high or low demand. Drivers might expect an increase in fares if there is a rise in orders. Drivers can also receive information about promotions and other incentives using your uber white label.


Whether it’s a Gojek app clone or Uber app clone, the business is managed by the administrative team or the owner using an app panel that functions as a dispatch system. Drivers and vehicles will be allocated to the dispatcher to guarantee that each vehicle has at least one driver. It prevents any issues from being postponed and allows the company to run smoothly.

All data is also saved in a database, which you can view at any time. Because the taxi firm has access to all records of every user and service provider, it can respond appropriately to the needs of customers and drivers. It also minimizes the time it takes to provide customer support.

Uber Clone App Features

Features for User:

- User Registration / Login

Users can register or log in via Facebook or Gmail. These are the easiest modes to register or log in, or they can have a separate account on your Uber clone app for taxi business.

- User booking

From enlisted, users can pick any sort of vehicle and within casual bookings, users can also book a vehicle in advance on taxi app solutions.

-Auto Location

The driver will pick your location automatically and you will not have to define your location or pickup point.

- Driver Tracking

After booking you can see the live location of your drive, where the driver has reached, or in how much time the driver will reach to pick you.

- Driver Details

When a user books a ride. The user will notify you about the details of the driver like the name of the driver, cell number, and that driver’s vehicle registration number.

- Pay Via Credit Card

Users can pay the fare from the card. This is a great feature of contactless payment especially when the whole of the world is facing COVID-19 problems and don't like to touch different objects.

- Pay Via Cash

Now, it’s not necessary that users only have to pay with a card. Users can pay in the form of cash also.

- Different Service Types

Users can pick a vehicle from the list according to their wishes from the variety of vehicles. Users can also choose the fair type from the two options per min/per km.

- Emergency Calls

Users have an option in the white-label Uber Clone App, with just one click can directly place an emergency call to the concerned authorities in case of any emergency.

- Language Option

Users have multiple language selection options. Users can choose a native language or such which they understand in a much right way.

- Refer and Earn

Users can refer this service to their circle. In this reward, users will be entertained by the different sorts of rewards, bonuses, points, and maybe from a free ride.

- Coupon Code

white label Uber Clone App entertains the user with different options like User can insert use coupon codes to get discounts or free rides

Features for Driver:

- Booking Acceptance

A user when booking a ride a notification will appear to the nearer / location-wise suitable driver whether he/she likes to accept it or not.

- Ringtone On Booking

When any user books a ride and notifications appear to the suitable/nearer driver. A ringtone will beep from your white label uber app.

- Cancellation of Ride

In case of not a suitable trip, drivers have an option to cancel the ride.

- Online / Offline Modes

The advancement of our white label Uber app enhances the capacity of the same working both in online and offline modes.

- Customer Review

The driver can see the review of the customers. Which is a positive thing to check the quality of service the driver is providing.

- Chat Options

White label Uber app has a feature that the driver can chat with the user or admin in case of any query within your taxi app solution.

- Earning Reports

The driver panel of the uber app clone has an option that the driver can check earning reports at an instant.

- Overall Payout Summary

Daily, weekly, and monthly base payout summary drivers can check and get details through your white label taxi app.

- Language Options

A driver has an option to select any one language from the number of enlisted different languages.

Features for Admin:

- Dispatcher Panel

Admin can see the searches which users do, can check the assigned and canceled ride either these are canceled from the drivers or users.

- Heat Map

Admin can check the heat map. The basic purpose of this feature addition is that the admin is aware of the area where their business is growing and where the service is lacking to get rides.

- Users

Admin can observe the activities of users, like how much get a ride, how much cancel the rides, and which sort of feedback the users are giving.

- Providers

Admin can control and in detail monitor the driver's activities.

- Statements (Accounts for Drivers)

Admin can check the accounts details of any driver at any instant.

- Rating and Reviews

Admin in detail can see the ratings of different drivers and reviews from the users about the services which helps a lot in the upgrading of service and its quality.

- Service Types (per km/ per min)

Charge from the user per km or per min, admin can change or finalize the nature of fair, via your uber clone script.

- Promo Codes

Admin can send promo codes to the user or even to the non-users of the service to entertain them with different discounts.

- Surge Options

According to the situation, the admin can use the option. Admin can make a change in the fear in peak hours.

- Push Notifications

Admin can send different messages or notify the users via push notifications built within your white label uber clone script.

Dispatcher Panel:

- Manage Customer

Through the dispatcher panel, manage the customer and their queries in different ways. Like someone doesn’t know how to book a ride? The dispatcher panel booked a ride for that customer.

- Manage Drivers

The dispatcher panel manages the drivers like if a driver is facing some sort of issue. The dispatcher panel can cancel the ride on behalf of the driver. Moreover, through the dispatcher panel, the admin can monitor which driver is online and which one is offline.

- Real-Time Tracking

The dispatcher panel enables the admin with the real-time tracking of drivers and rides.

Target Audience

Whether you own a cab company or are thinking of launching a uber clone as a white label taxi sharing app startup, in collaboration with other car rental agencies, it is important to determine the targeted audience. In the case of the Uber clone app, the target audience could be;

The people who look for quick rides or those who find it difficult to drive, especially coming back from the office, are having a busy day. So, you need to focus on the commercial area. Also, the people from the colonies far from the transportation terminals can be your target audience. Don’t forget the area around places like fun-cities, parks, cinemas, or other public gathering places. You will find an instant audience, demanding rides, there.

The people who are looking to expand their taxi business or people who want to supplement their income can be your target audience in terms of your business expansion. They will pay you commission while they get benefits through your uber app clone.

Tips to Launch

After understanding what White label uber clone script is and how beneficial it can be, even as a startup, consider the following few tips while launching your taxi app solution.

Understanding the Market

Your niche will determine whether or not your white label taxi app will be a hit on the streets. For example, if you start an exclusive luxury cab service in a small town, it will fail since no one, especially in a small town, uses a luxury class to commute to work or the market daily.To take the lead, conduct thorough research into your target market, clearly articulate your business strategy, and critically examine the gap in the cab industry/market before buying your Uber clone script.


Some apps are already operating in the market even the Gojek clones have launched the taxi app solutions. This means if you are about to launch your uber clone app you must be very clear about one thing, the app's easy workflow, and operating procedures. Because if your customers find your uber clone app difficult to understand and use, they will deviate to other apps.

So, your uber white label app should be smooth, easily understandable, and does not force the user to go through useless operations.

Robustness & App Testing Before Launch

Your uber clone script, like your business strategy, must be kind of a survivalist…! Meaning, it should not crash under some difficult conditions. For example, your white label uber clone script should also run on the suitable lower levels of the operating systems.

Always consider beta testing your uber clone app. Because when an app is developed, it contains bugs that cannot be identified through simple testing and can cause malfunctioning of operations or data loss harming your business and customer retention


Users of your white label uber clone app should be able to pay using a variety of methods, including Paytm, Google Pay, debit card, credit card, and so on. It not only makes your customers feel at ease, but it's also a smart way to reach a large audience.

Uniqueness & Customization

The architecture of your uber clone should reflect your own brand identity and vision. The majority must find it appealing. The good, unique, and concise design will simply take the user to the next step and pique their interest in exploring your taxi app solution further.

Customization is critical for keeping your brand in the hands of your target market. An app that allows users to customize their panels according to their preferences, such as dark themes, language options, or color schemes, can acquire a lot of popularity and user retention. You'll also be able to choose from several additional features and make changes to your gateway.

Customer Support & backup

Always take into account that situations might go wrong when you least expect them to. Customers appreciate organizations that give good and speedy customer service, especially during rush hours, and they eventually become loyal. As a result, your white label ride sharing app should offer excellent customer service.

Typically, eCommerce or other business apps are a safe approach to expanding a business. However, there is a small chance that the app will crash in the middle of a task. So, beware of it.

In such circumstances, firms like InteliWare Technologies provide backup support for the software, as well as all of the other features mentioned above. However, you should devise a solid technique for communicating with them swiftly in such a case.

In a Nutshell

The ride-hailing sector is always evolving and never becomes outdated. An uber clone app for taxi business is a boost to your organization.

You may easily purchase an Uber clone script, an uber app clone, from companies such as InteliWare Technologies and launch your business immediately. Because buying a product is considerably less expensive than producing one, and you can obtain your product in a much shorter period.

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