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Handyman App Development: Handyman app, this concept becoming attractive. Traditionally, if we need an electrician or plumber we have to find such technicians on a physical basis. But Handyman apps provide you all these services at your doorstep.

Viewing the popularity of the Handyman app, we intend to tell you about Handyman App Development. Read this guide all the way through and you will know all the required particulars.

Influencing Factors For Handyman App Development

The factors which make a Handyman attractive and influence to launch this business/app.

  • Increasing trend of on-demand apps.

  • Increase in the number of users horizontally.

  • Employment opportunities.

  • 24/7 availability of handymen.

  • Reasonable charges.

Influencing Factors

Best Handyman Apps Examples

These are the some more common and famous Handyman apps.

  • Urban Clap

  • House Joy

  • Mr. Right

  • Task Rabbit

  • Helper

Urban Clap

Urban clap provides a reliable home services provider. Established in 2014. It is the largest services provider platform provider in Asia, with presence in India, UAE, Singapore and Australia. This company will earn 29.59 million USD in 2020.

It provides services like a makeup artist, Yoga trainers, plumber, electrician, massage therapist, and more.

House Joy

This app was also launched in India in 2014.

This app allows you to hire professionals like, electrical works, plumbing, home cleaning, home beauty salon, and much more. . You can book appointments through the app and can also check for pricing and much more.

Johnny’s Handyman Services

A great platform that provides a vast number of services. This provides services for electricians, plumbers, house cleaning, Fridge repairs, TV repair, everyday Handyman like drywall and flooring etc.


Wefixit is a Handyman services providing company in the United Kingdom. Famous for providing the best home services through their well-trained professionals like painting, flooring, carpets cleaning, carpentry, and etc.

Mr Maintenance

Mr. Maintenance, you can say that offers you the solution of almost every type of home service. You just have to put a click and get the service of professionals at the doorstep. Mr. Maintenance provides plumbing, electrical, painting, Handyman, cleaning, construction services and more.

What is the procedure of working on the Handyman App?

  • Start or the first procedure of use after installing the Handyman app is that, select the service. Which you want to get.

  • Add time, when you want to get this service.

  • Share/add the details of your location.

  • If you need an urgent service after your booking, a notification goes to the nearest professional.

  • After the successful visit of the Handyman, you can give charges to the professional via cash or even through credit card.

  • At the end of the services, you will also give feedback and can also rate the quality of the service.

procedure of working on the Handyman App

Handyman App Development Process

Should follow these steps, if you are going to launch a Handyman app.

  • Identify goals

  • Deeply understand the situation of the market.

  • Find proper app developers.

  • Try to cover all the upcoming challenges.

process to create a Handyman App

Identify goals

First and foremost in Handyman App Development is, first of all, decide which sort of app you want to launch. Decide which sort of extra or special features your company will add. Also, decide how your app will work? Mean is there will be any feature, that someone can book in advance the appointment for getting services.

Decide how your company/app will charge? Will it charge hourly or will it charge according to the nature of the job. You can also fix the charges for each service, which means you can add a chart which shows also the details of all services which you are providing including the charges of these services.

Identify goals
  • Deeply understand the situation of the market

Foremost and also tricky to get a piece of complete knowledge and understand the details like where is the gap in the market others are lacking? Then make a strategy that grabs the attention of the users and proves you as the best solution provider.

The best preparation before starting a business is to conduct a competitor analysis and if needed conduct market analysis. Try to understand the needs and wants of the market and especially your target during the Handyman App Development.

Deeply understand the situation of the market
  • Hiring best team of developers for Handyman App Development

After a complete analysis. Find proper app developers which can develop a reliable and trusted app. Trusted in the sense that it can meet all the challenges of the market and it will be great if it provides something extraordinary to the users.

This step is the most important step directly related to handyman app development. It is important to find reliable and highly capable app developers. This is a reality that the Capabilities of a developer are prestige important because the app is the pivot around which your success revolves.

Find proper app developers
  • Try to cover all the upcoming challenges

As there are several challenges which you have to face and handle according to the situation. Same in the digital app business you may have to face the challenges like

  • App security

  • Market competition

This step is the most important step directly related to Handyman App Development. It is important to find reliable and highly capable app developers. This is a reality that the Capabilities of a developer are prestige important because the app is the pivot around which your success revolves.

upcoming challenges

App security

This should be the key element for Handyman App Development. Like all other businesses as you require security and safety. Same as that in this digital business the security precautions you should have to adopt. Safety and a secure app are important because this safety secures your revenue, protects your user's data.

App security

Market competition for Handyman App Development

A great upcoming challenge always for a business is market competition. A good market player always competes with all these challenges and a great thing is that a true market player is that when you keep finding the opportunities during these challenges.

So, try to cover and get a grip on all such challenges. In the market, if you meet the challenges that will be great otherwise these challenges will crush your business and investment too.

Market competition

Handyman App Development Stages

Before getting an estimate of the development cost of an app, it is necessary to understand how the app software is created. The process is divided into a few global phases, namely:

  1. Pre-development (discovery or research)
  2. Development (testing and deployment processes)
  3. Ongoing development and support
  4. Marketing and promotion

The stage of discovery starts with planning to complete the project successfully.

The deliverables of the discovery stage are as follows:

  • Finalized app concept
  • Backlog of Product
  • Architecture plan of product
  • Design of product (UX & UI, clickable prototype)
  • An Analysis of Market and competitor (optional)

Once these fundamental deliverables are ready. After that, it becomes possible to estimate the cost for Handyman App Development and timeline more accurately.

However, we can estimate the cost by also making a rough idea. Basically, each step, each feature of any app takes time for the formation. So on-demand, we can estimate that if we add these features. How much time and money will consume on Handyman App Development.

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