Mobile app development services, Custom mobile app development.
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Mobile app development services, Custom mobile app development.

The advancement in communication invented the mobile phones and after that, the advancement in the software on mobile phones led to mobile app development and mobile apps came to life as a result.

The public demand for apps caused rapid expansion into many areas such as food delivery, household work, GPS and location-based services, order-tracking, and ride hailing, etc. Many apps necessitate the use of the Internet. App stores, which are a type of digital distribution platform, are where apps are downloaded from. .

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of creating and designing software solutions known as mobile apps for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This process is not as easy as it sounds. App development companies go through many processes to provide complete mobile app development services. For example, if there is an Android app development company, it first requires a mobile app developer from every domain the app touches. The app developers have to maintain a balanced equation between the app development and the customer requirements. Also, due to fierce competition in app development companies, the constant changes within each platform, app developers must consider a wide range of functions.

Project Management - Mobile app development

In any app development company like InteliWare Technologies, the tasks and the challenges to app developments are distributed into different phases of the different software development life cycle (SDLC) models. Every mobile app development company has a project management team that distributes the different tasks among different departments so each app developer knows his responsibilities. The main processes of the SDLC can be seen in the figure.

Generally, every app development company divides the app working into three layers and then avails mobile app development services to accomplish their manufacture.

Project Management - Mobile app development

Let’s take an example of a super app supported by InteliWare Technologies also to understand how app development companies can develop an app.

A super app is a mobile application that offers a variety of services, such as payment and financial transaction processing, effectively transforming it into self-contained commerce and communication online platform that encompasses many aspects of personal and commercial life.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Every mobile app development company or a mobile app developer first requires the requirements of your business process. For example, if you want to launch your super app you have to tell the app development company about your business process and the features you want to add to your app.

The app development companies like InteliWare Technologies, have requirement engineers in their project management team who compiles your requirements and analyze them. Through this process, the app development company can give you an approximation of the cost and delivery time for your app.


After the requirements of your super-app are deeply analyzed, the next phase is to design the workflow of your app. Every app development company has SDA (software-defined architects) who creates a structure of technical workflow and the interactions between different features of your app.


This is where the main manufacturing process of your app starts. App developers from different domains and departments work together as a team to deliver you the super app. They create actual working of your business process and requirements using different technologies and mobile app development app services.


This is a very crucial part of mobile app development. App development companies hire experts to test each functionality and feature from every aspect. The testing process is important before delivering an app because if a bug appears in the launched app, it can cause customer loss and even can harm you in terms of data loss or security reasons.

The testing process includes two main types:

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing

Deployment & Revisions

After the completion of your super app development and its full-scale testing, the app development company delivers your app and deployed it into your system or on the app store.

The revisions process is for further enhancement in your mobile app. If you want to expand your business and want your app to support it then you can again contact your app manufacturer for the addition of features.

Deployment & Revisions

Types of Mobile App

Every mobile app is majorly divided into two parts and then the app developers carry out their respective parts. These are:

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Front End

    There are three major platforms for which the front end of different mobile apps are developed. Two of them are operating systems while the other supports browser functionalities. These platforms are:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web Portal

    The Andriod operating system is for android phones and is supported by the Google corporation. There are many android app development companies that develop specifically android apps. The most basic technologies used to develop an android app are:

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • XML

    The iOS operating system is for both iPhones and mac books, supported by the Apple corporation. There are many companies too that develop specific apps that work on iOS. The most basic techniques used to build an iOS app includes:

    1. Swift
    2. Objective
    Web Portal

    As the name, this front end is used for the online browsing of the app to support your business. The technologies involve to build a web portal are:

    • HTML 5
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • React
    • Jquery
    • Java Script

    InteliWare Technologies support all three of these platforms to develop your app. We also provide customer support and revisions for our apps as well.

    Back End

    This is the section of the mobile app that is in charge of the app's overall functionality and processing. The following are the basic technologies that were utilized in its development:

    • Laravel
    • Php
    • My SQL

    Wrapping Up

    The evolution in technologies has now led us to the era of mobile apps. Every business and service is now a couple of clicks away from you.

    The mobile app development process is not as straightforward as it looks even the app is of small scale. It includes a whole software development life cycle to carry out different operations to build an app.

    The app is divided into two major parts naming the front end which has further three more divisions; Android, iOS, and web portals, and the back end. The InteliWare technologies cover all these domains and can build a complete on-demand app for your venture

    InteliWare Technologies - An App development Company

    InteliWare Technologies is a software company that can develop on-demand apps for your business growth and promotions. It already has many successful apps like Uber clone, On-demand doctor app, gojek clone or handyman works, etc. up and running in the markets. We have a team of mobile app developers that knows the technology domains used to build an app. You only have to provide us with your requirements and business process and we will build your on-demand business app in a short time at favorable prices.

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