How to Clone Uber App - Get Uber Script With Same Functionality.
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How to Clone Uber App - Get Uber Script With Same Functionality.

In every market of the world, each and every business was started with an idea. These are the ideas that make the difference and even sometimes create history. It is your idea that drives you to think about how to clone uber app and you are starting your own taxi management service. You have got your uber clone app and you are working fine with it but what if you want to innovate your business and want your uber clone app to support your innovation? The answer is you have to get a taxi booking script for your app to make changes to it.

What is Uber Clone Script

Uber taxi clone Script or taxi booking script is the source code of your uber clone app. This script is responsible for the working of the uber clone app. Through this script or code, you can make changes and create new features in your app.

Why You Should Get Uber Script

If you are running a taxi business, you got this idea of digitizing your business so you searched about how to clone uber app and you got your app. Now there will be a time when the market will get saturated and your business will stop growing or even start to shrink in the worst case. In such a scenario you have to make innovative changes in your business to compete in the market but if you do so, how is your uber clone app going to support you? One way is that you can come straight to us and we will help you and the other way is that you can create new changes and features by yourself. So, you need an uber taxi clone script for your app if you go the second way.

By getting an uber script, you get complete access to your app modules. Also, you can customize your app any time you want.

How to Get Uber Taxi Clone Script

If you want to know how to clone uber app and want to get the uber script of your app, InteliWare Technologies can help you here! We can clone this app for you and we can provide you with a taxi booking script for your app.

Designing & Styling Uber Clone App

The uber taxi clone script will be totally designed according to your wish. All the features and user interface graphics will be designed in light of your given requirements. Our team of expert developers and graphic designers will take care of your as well as your customer’s convenience and will deliver an easily understandable uber clone application along with its taxi booking script.

How Uber Clone App Will Be Developed

Developing an application requires time and effort. It goes through different phases before completion. At InteliWare Technologies, we have a team of hard-working and experienced developers who will work on your app. So you don’t have to worry about how to clone an uber app for your taxi booking business.

We will follow the suitable software development life cycle (SDLC) to develop your application from beginning to its completion. Following is a visual consideration of the processes your uber clone app will go through.

How Uber Clone App Will Be Developed

Technologies Involved

Our uber clone app is developed on different platforms involving different technologies and frameworks by our expert team of developers who have a strong grip on their domain and are devoted to their work. The uber clone app is divided into two major parts during its development; the front end, the interfaces and graphics to which users will interact, and the backend which will carry out all the working and processes of the uber clone app.

Front End

This part of the uber taxi clone script will be responsible for your and your customer’s interactions with the app. The front end will be used on three major platforms including:

Web portal

The web portal of the uber clone app involves the following technologies:

  1. HTML 5
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. React
  5. Jquery
  6. Java Script

This front end will be used by the phones supported by the android operating system The basic technology used to develop this front-end for Android mobile applications are.

  1. Java
  2. Kotlin
  3. XML

This front end will be used by the phones and devices supported by iOS. The basic technology used to develop this front end includes:

  1. Swift
  2. Objective

Back End

This is the part of the uber clone app which will be responsible for all the working and processing of the uber clone app and its features. The basic technologies used to develop front end are:

  1. Laravel
  2. Php
  3. My SQL

Why InteliWare Technologies

As responsible digital solution providers, it is our responsibility to get you a complete solution to your business needs. We even completely know how to clone the uber app and also we have a completely developed uber clone app with its complete uber script. You just give us your requirements and we will take care of the rest and we will provide you with your uber taxi clone app along with the uber taxi clone app script. So, you can easily rely on us and we will deliver you your uber clone app in no time without any hidden charges. We will also provide a number of perks if you choose us.

After your app is delivered and deployed in your business, our doors are always open to you if any issue occurs in your app or if you want us to add any new feature in it. You can ask us any time you want.

Last but not the least, if you allow us to develop an uber clone app for you, you will get one small feature absolutely for free, as a gesture of gratitude towards your business for trusting us.

Your Privacy is Our Integrity

Progress in any field creates many opportunities but also creates some drawbacks which need to be taken care of. So as the field of information technology. Keeping these issues in mind, we will provide you a complete and secure uber clone app because your trust and business safety is the most important thing to us.

For administration and user privacy policies, our app will provide a complete platform of HTML editor to define the CMS pages like privacy policies, terms, and conditions, about us, user guide and help pages, etc. for the ease and better understanding of your services to your customers.

Hire Experienced Developers.

If you want to grow, innovate and promote your taxi business, we can help you. We at InteliWare Technologies not only have a ready-to-use uber clone script but also we will convert it according to your business needs and plans at a suitable cost within a suitable time. For example, Inteliware Technologies is able to deliver the complete ready-to-start business white label uber clone within 14 days. And already had a strong portfolio building on-demand apps for its customers around the world. Just get in touch and rest assured about everything.

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