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Build your own Gojek Clone app within 15 days with Inteliware Tech. It's a prebuilt on-demand app designed and developed for quick services. Gojek Clone app provide you all these services at your doorstep. It grows your UI/UX client base, provides your consumers with a choice of alternatives, and provides exceptional convenience.

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App Features

Here are some of the crucial features in handyman app and have proven their worth in serving users with an excellent experience.

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Access Multi Services

Users can access more than 30+ on-demand services including taxi riding, courier service, all delivery services, and handyman services..

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Once a ride/order is completed users can send reviews and ratings to providers. The feature is helpful to obtain the quality of the providers.

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Live Track Location

A user can track the live location of the providers. Live tracking helps users to know how much time taken to reach the doorstep.

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Live Chat

After the driver/provider accepts ride/order service, the user and provider can text chat with each other within the app.

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Payment Option

A user can apply the promo code during the booking of ride/order and get discounts on the on-demand service amount.

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Cancel Ride/Order

A user has the option to cancel the ride/order services request with a single tap.

handyman app features
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Gojek clone app: how does it work?

Gojek Clone App Development Works in 3 Different Modules Transport Service, On Demand Delivery, and Hire Service Provider

Transport Services

If a user wants to taxi or bike riding, they use the transport services from the app or super app clone. They book the new ride with the information of pickup and destination location. When they add the ride address, they can show the estimated ride fare and traveling time. After the booking, the ride application searches for the nearest online driver and sends the notification for the new ride request. If a driver wants to ride, he/she accepts the offer and goes to pick up the user and start the ride and drop the user to their destination location. After the completion of the journey user and driver, both can give feedback to each other.

On Demand Delivery

If a user wants on-demand delivery services like food, grocery, flower, and more service. They select the favored services from the store/restaurant and order for the items. After the request received by the store/restaurant they accept or reject it. After they received the ordered store/restaurant, search the delivery people to send the items to the user. The nearest driver agrees with the delivery request from the store/restaurant and picks up the things and delivers them to the user.

Hire Service Provider

If a user wants to hire a service provider for massage, car washing, plumbers, electrician, dog walker, beauty service and more service. Users book the on-demand request with the details of location, date and time. The service provider accepts the offer and arrives at the user location and starts the job. After the job is completed by the service provider, they finish their task through the app.


Why use a Gojek Clone app?

Your go-to route planning Gojek Clone app helps you plan and operate operations cost-effectively and efficiently. Some of its advance features are included,

White Label app

We offer white label app services using which we add your logo and brand name all over the app and remove any trace of our logo and brand name from it to establish your complete ownership and to protect your privacy.

Covid 19 Features

We have included a bunch of special CoVid 19 features to ensure that your business can run seamlessly even during the pandemic. These features include Face Mask Verification, Safety Checklist, Safety Badge, Contactless Deliveries, Cashless payments, Take Away Option and much more.

Custom Language Addition

We add 25 languages of your choice to the app in addition to the standard language of English to ensure that you can launch your gojek clone app across different regions.

Custom Currency Addition

We add 25 currencies of your choice to the app in addition to the standard dollar so that you can launch your app in multiple countries as you please.


How to launch your own on-demand Gojek Clone app?

Regardless of the approach and business model and start up business ideas you choose, it takes time and determination, on top of solid technical expertise, to create an on-demand Gojek Clone app. To save your money and nerves in the long run, consider the following steps when building your Gojek Clone app.

  • Choose the business model
  • Define your business requirements and goals
  • Identify the right scope of features
  • Excellent developer team
  • The tech investment stack to a robust app base
  • UI/UX design and tech factors to consider.
  • Choose the right development team
  • The tech investment stack to a robust app base
  • Determine the cost of Gojek Clone app development
  • Idea off Launch, learn, and improve
Important reasons-to-start-handyman-app-development

Most important reasons to start Gojek Clone app development?

  • It’s Convenient
  • Access It Anytime And Anywhere
  • Everything's Available At Your Fingertips
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking of Gojek Clone App.
  • Ordering Process Is Easy.
  • Gojek Clone App Is Fast, Easy And Comfortable To Use.





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  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • Delivery boy app
  • User ios app
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  • Delivery boy ios app
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  • Admin panel
  • Website
  • Vendor web panel login
  • User web login
  • Delivery boy app
  • User ios app
  • Delivery boy ios app
  • User android app
  • Vendor android app
  • Driver web login
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