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Super app, a superb app business idea. Advance and on demand multitasking app, providing multiple services solutions like ride hailing, food delivery, package delivery, on demand Handyman services, shipping of products, and much more. Supper apps have become a rapidly growing industry. Super apps due to the quality of providing multiple services are letting behind these apps which are providing just a single sort of service.

Instead of searching and stuck in different apps to get on demand service, is it not better to get multiple choices in a single app? Yes, that’s a better choice to get more and more options in a single app. We are offering the same super app Gojek clone solution which offers multiple services on a single platform and that kind of idea is highly demanded worldwide.

Entrepreneurs with a futuristic approach should invest in mobile super apps, a rapidly growing industry. Because the on demand mobile apps revolutionized the e-commerce business world and now users are seeking to get much more services from a single app like shipping, delivery services and package delivery from just a single click. Such on demand super apps have done wonderful jobs. The result is that these apps get rapid growth in Thailand, Indonesia, and many other Asian countries just due to smart performance and multi-tasking ability. Because after receiving online order shipping is a great matter for the company and the super app concept gives a whole solution.

What is the super app Gojek clone?

Super app GoJek clone is a platform where you get multiple on demand services. The multiple options of services of a super app Go Jek clone provides great ease for users. Instead of finding and installing different apps of different services. A user would like to get a bundle of services from a single super app which provides delivery of different services, shipping, package delivery and much more. That’s the reason which enhances the super app demand.

The on-demand labor market is expected to grow by 18.5% per year in the next 5 years.(Source)

We can judge the interest and how much users like on demand super apps from these statistics.

According to the latest PwC’s (Audit and Assurance services, US) report, the market of On-demand websites and mobile apps will reach up to a huge value of $335Billion by the year 2025.

The economy of the on demand mobile app indicates that more than 22.4 million users, annually spend almost $57.6 billion to get the services in real-time.

The top reason for the popularity of the supper app nowadays is that the basic needs of everyday’s life like shipping of your products, delivery of services like handyman, Food delivery and package delivery all are such services are now available in one just a single click away from User.


How does the super app Gojek Clone work?


  • For a User

Gojek clone a mobile app that provides different options to select any on demand service from the multiple services which app is providing. The long list of on-demand services (package delivery, ride hailing, food delivery, medicine delivery, shipping, etc) attracts the attention of the user because the user entertains several services in a just single click. A specialty of this idea is that due to several options users stay tuned on this app.

If the user requires a ride service, the user can get from here. If a user has a need for a delivery app users will be entertained here in complete manners. If a user needs a package delivery this app plays an absolute role as a package delivery app. This multitasking ability makes this app very attractive.

  • From a Business Point of View

Just like a superstore if you are going to launch the idea of multiple products in a single app. And the products of your app are multiple on demand services. On-demand multiple options are a great source of attraction for the user when these are just a click away from the user. This strategy surely results in more attractiveness for the user and good news for your business and its growth.

Multiple On demand Services Included In Our Super App Gojeck Clone

gojek clone app

We add these multiple services in our super app Gojek clone, which are most favorable and demanding from the user side. Users often need shipping, services delivery apps and package delivery app. The great thing in Gojek clone is that our dedicated professionals of every development process built this solution in such a way which have an amazingly easy and eye-catching interface. This easy-to-use app no doubt will help to retain users. Because it summarizes most of the popular on demand services.

Keeping in view the most demanding factor of users. We add these on demand services in our ready-to-made solution which attracts the users. Here’s the list of these services:

Never forget, we provide a 100% customizable solution also.

Capture the market need for a super app with Gojek clone.

gojek clone graph

The whole of the world is moving towards digitalization. Online business in the sense of online shopping, online stores, and online bookings is trending in this digital age. These online trends create an opportunity for the entrepreneur because shipping these online purchased products and packages delivery and providing services for the online demands is never an easy task. So the solution to the most demanding trend of the purchase of products and services, the idea of the super app makes it so simpler and convenient for the user.

Purchase of the products, shipping or delivery of the products, and services, Super apps make all matters easier by gathering them on the same platform and just a click away from the user. Just in a click user can get access to entertain him/herself from any such service.

On-demand super apps growth greatly increased over the last 5 years. If you are from Asia you must have experience of using a super app and if you are from the US you must hear about super apps. So we can say that there is a huge gap in the US market for the on-demand super apps. This idea of getting much more attraction from the users due to smart working surely attracts on-demand apps’ user base. when these users get multiple on-demand services options on a single page.

Inteliwaretech provides software solutions. Our dedicated and highly professional team of developers built solutions, to meet all sorts of market challenges. The design of our software solution is built on the current requirements of the market with the specialty of customer attraction and retaining quality. We always keep in mind and generate such solutions which fulfill hundred percent requirements of performance, scalability, adaptability, security, and economy.

Inteliwaretech builds 100% customized apps for multiple on-demand services, we are providing customisable app clones for some of the most famous on-demand services like uber clone, Gojek clone, handyman clone, package delivery etc.All these are just a single click away from the user become possible with the Gojek clone solution. Inteliwaretech’s Gojek clone design is enriched with the most demanding apps.

No doubt, we provide an absolute customizable solution. But ready to launch our solution is surely according to the most demanding, on-demand services because our dedicated highly professional teams did market research and then started the development process. Choose these products ready to launch which are genuinely most demanding.


Gojek Clone is a multi-tasking solution therefore its solution is not like a simple app and especially not easy to develop such a solution. Therefore our ready to launch solution give great benefits to you like

  • Save your long time which is required in the app development process.
  • No need to hire a team of app developers, which costs a lot.
  • Saves you up to $50,000 which probably you have to pay in the app development process.
  • Experts in the field and a dedicated team of developers build this solution.
  • Our after-sale technical support helps you a lot.

Is it worth investing in the super app Gojek clone?


When you start running a super app, multiple companies sign up with you to enhance their sales and to run their business operations smoothly like delivery. In this way, you get a commission on every successful order happening through your app.

Multiple numbers of orders will start receiving when you start. Business model for this app is very smart e.g users will get multiple services with quality and convenience eventually they would like to retain with your app instead of having bundles of apps in their smartphones. So, this customer retention and trust will support the service providers / businesses on the app by their sales growth. If businesses will grow it means the revenue of this super app will grow. It will become a win-win situation for everyone using the app.

Due to the market need as we’ve discussed in this blog, the user base for this idea is expected to grow and that means investing in super apps is a decent opportunity.

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